Ent Lab Bookings April 2014


1. Tom Beyer booked "The Fosters" TV show

2. Tony Robinette booked "Robo Dog" feature film starring Wallace Shawn

3. Gregory Blair booked "Hay-Zeus" feature film

4. Dannay Rodriguez booked "Petsmart" commercial

5. Jill L. Johnson booked "Road Hard" starring David Koechner

6. Elizabeth Lazo booked "Metro PCS" National commercial

7. Matthew Cardarople booked Paramount movie "Scouts vs. Zombies"

8. Peyton Lee booked "Sprint" National commercial

9. Francisco Rodriguez booked "Wells Fargo" National commercial

10. Andrew Lee booked "Intel" commercial

11. Riley Nice booked "Target" commercial

12. Michael Sasso booked "Sprint" commercial

13. Willie Southward booked "Sex Sent Me to the ER" TV show

14. David Saucedo booked "Dish Direct" commercial

15. Peyton Lee booked "Petco" National commercial

16. Jim Senti booked "Happyland" TV show

17. Ben Seaward booked "Barn Owl" industrial

18. Surela Basu booked "Target" commercial

19. Devan Long booked "Verizon" National commercial

20. Kent Klineman booked "Verizon" National commercial

21. Luca Cotter booked "Eat Your Vegetables" animation

22. Stewart Skelton booked "The Young and The Restless" TV show

23. Nicolas Suter booked "Seaworld" commercial

24. Tom Beyer booked "Medicine Man" feature film

25. Beto Ruiz booked "Honda" commercial

26. Pramod Kumar booked "Geico" National commercial