Ent Lab Bookings April 2015

  1. Adwin Brown booked Pedigree National commercial
  2. Al Coronel booked Guest Star on NCIS: LA
  3. Bob Rumnock is back on Blunt Talk TV show as Stan
  4. Brandon Morales booked American Crime Story miniseries
  5. Daniel Cummings booked Hit the Floor TV show
  6. David Bickford booked CIBC commercial
  7. David Hinton booked Panera commercial
  8. Duncan Bravo booked Extant TV show
  9. Jacklyn Chung-Young booked The Love Witch feature
  10. Jim Kane booked Comcast/Xfinity commercial
  11. John Kenward booked Dodge National Commercial
  12. Jonathan Bray is back on The Young and the Restless TV show as Victor's Attorney
  13. Karl Kwiatkowski booked Comcast commercial
  14. Karole Foreman booked Guest Star on Rizzoli & Isles TV show
  15. Matthew Pender booked SunnyD commercial
  16. Nancy Linehan Charles booked Luzianne National commercial
  17. Nancy Linehan Charles booked You Haven't Heard it All commercial
  18. Porter Kelly booked Superstore TV pilot
  19. Spenser McNeil booked Panera commercial
  20. Stewart Skelton booked a Recurring role on Ray Donovan TV show as Windsor
  21. Tamara Goodwin booked My Haunted House TV show
  22. Victor Amayo booked Church's Chicken commercial
  23. Zylan Brooks booked Gortimer Gibbons TV show