1. Adam Hass Hunter booked Recurring role on Bizaardvark TV show
  2. Adwin Brown booked Pizza Hut National commercial
  3. Adwin Brown is back on The Fosters TV show
  4. Aina Dumlao booked Unt. Santeria Project feature film
  5. Alexander Guder booked Recurring Guest Star on The Alamo pilot
  6. Alexander Neher booked Recurring role on The Young and the Restless TV show
  7. Ali Chapman booked Better Things TV show
  8. Amy Tsang booked Citizens Bank commercial
  9. Andy Taylor Kim booked Full Frontal with Samantha Bee TV show
  10. Andy Taylor Kim booked Jane the Virgin TV show
  11. Anthony Bertram booked RAM National commercial
  12. April Marshall Miller booked Diamond and Jewelry Gallery commercial
  13. Arthur Keng booked Better Things TV show
  14. Barry Corbin is back on The Ranch TV show
  15. Becki Dennis booked I'm Sorry TV show
  16. Ben Seaward booked Progressive National commercial
  17. Bianca Lopez booked TD Bank commercial
  18. Brian Maierhofer booked Days of our Lives TV show
  19. Christine Horn booked Ray Donovan TV show
  20. Christine Horn booked Recurring Guest Star on American Crime Story
  21. Christopher Allen booked Visa commercial
  22. Dan Martin booked 10 Days in the Valley TV show
  23. Dan Warner booked Brothered Up pilot
  24. David Bickford booked Jimmy Kimmel TV show
  25. Diego Olmedo booked Sprint Argenis commercial
  26. Dieterich Gray booked Infinity National commercial
  27. Drew Naik booked Syfy commercial
  28. Emily Berry booked Fear the Walking Dead TV show
  29. Ezra Buzzington booked Burning at Both Ends feature film
  30. Fernando Martinez booked 9J, 9K, 9L pilot
  31. Frank Gallegos booked American Woman TV show
  32. Gilbert Aguirre booked Henry Danger TV show
  33. Glenn Keogh booked Encounter feature film
  34. Hailey Dunham booked YouTube commercial
  35. Janet Song booked The Young and the Restless TV show
  36. Jay Mendoza booked DD's Discount print job
  37. Jeff Alba booked Citizens Bank commercial
  38. Jill Johnson booked Walk the Prank TV show
  39. Jill Remez booked Adam Ruins Everything TV show
  40. Joyce Greenleaf booked Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories TV show
  41. Juliet Tondowski booked two Hyundai National commercials
  42. Karibel Rodriguez is back on The Last Ship TV show
  43. Karl Kwiatkowski booked Jeep National commercial
  44. Karole Foreman booked Recurring role on I'm Sorry TV show
  45. Kiva Jump booked Full Frontal with Samantha Bee TV show
  46. Kristen Studard booked General Hospital TV show
  47. Loren Escandon booked American Crime Story
  48. Luca Malacrino booked Vodafone commercial
  49. Marion Van Cuyck booked Walgreens commercial
  50. Marypat Farrell booked Get Shorty TV show
  51. Michael McCusker booked Jeep commercial
  52. Natasha Lloyd booked Boost Mobile commercial
  53. P. L. Brown is back on Walk the Prank TV show
  54. Pam Trotter booked Stitchers TV show
  55. Pamela Shaddock booked Future Man TV show
  56. Reinaldo Zavarce booked Hyundai commercial
  57. Rob Norton booked Visa commercial
  58. Robert Catrini booked Full Frontal with Samantha Bee TV show
  59. Romel de Silva booked Teach.org PSA
  60. Ronnie Alvarez booked Carmelo commercial
  61. Ruby Matenko booked That Moment When new media project
  62. Segun Oduolowu booked Young and Hungry TV show
  63. Susan Berger booked One Mississippi TV show
  64. Tarina Pouncy booked AT&T commercial
  65. Veronica Mannion is back on Insecure TV show
  66. Zachary Hoffman booked Untitled commercial