1. Adam Hunter booked a Bank of America Commercial

  2. Al Bayan booked Westworld TV Show

  3. Alan Heitz booked McDonald’s National Commercial

  4. Alden Ray booked Google Duo Commercial

  5. Alejandro Barrios is back as a Recurring Role on Queen Of The South TV Show

  6. Andrew Lee booked Five Points Web Series (Facebook Watch)

  7. Anthony Fernandez booked Young & The Restless TV Show

  8. Bianca Lopez booked Audi Commercial

  9. Bob Rumnock booked Baskets TV Show

  10. Brian Maillard booked a Honda Commercial Voiceover

  11. Christopher Allen booked a Guest Star on NCIS TV Show

  12. Christopher Allen booked Strange Angel TV Show

  13. Dana Koops booked a Short Film

  14. Daniele Lawson booked Xfinity Commercial

  15. Eli Bildner is back on Morning Show TV Show

  16. Elijah Cook is back as a Recurring Role on Ballers TV Show

  17. Eliza Shin booked Animal Kingdom TV Show

  18. Eliza Shin booked The Good Place TV Show

  19. Ellie Kanner booked Sunshine Feature Film Directing Job

  20. Emily Berry booked Mindhunter TV Show

  21. Emily Berry booked Under My Skin Independent Feature Film

  22. Harry Yi booked Mouse Guard Animation Feature Film (Motion Capture)

  23. Heather McPhaul booked Ratched TV Show

  24. Herbert Russell booked Timecrafters Feature Film

  25. Isaac Cheung booked Ultramechatron Team Go! Web Series (CollegeHumor)

  26. Jay Mendoza booked General Hospital TV Show

  27. Joaquin Camilo booked Clif Commercial

  28. Joaquin Camilo booked Timberland Commercial

  29. Jovan Armand booked Snowfall TV Show

  30. Karibel Rodriguez booked an Untitled Feature Film

  31. Maisie Klompus is back as a Recurring Role on Good Trouble TV Show

  32. Max Matenko booked McDonald’s National Commercial

  33. Michael McCusker booked Back to Lyla Feature Film

  34. Minerva Garcia booked Bob Hearts Abishola TV Show

  35. Mirabelle Lee booked Xbox - Minecraft Print

  36. Miraj Grbic booked Severed Silence Feature Film

  37. Reinaldo Zavarce booked AT&T Commercial

  38. Ronnie Alvarez booked Covered California Commercial

  39. Ru Kumagai booked a Teavana Commercial

  40. Santiago Veizaga booked Subaru National Commercial

  41. Scott Michael Morgan booked Strange Angel TV Show

  42. Stephanie Nash booked Why Women Kill TV Show

  43. Ydaiber Orozco booked McDonald’s National Commercial