Ent Lab Bookings August 2013

1. kiff vandenheuvel booked a new tv show "we are men"

2. ashley dulaney booked "hot pockets" commercial

3. rebecca berman booked "meijer" commercial

4. ray torres booked "california healthcare" commercial

5. david saucedo booked "california healthcare" commercial

6. sean mann booked "mythbusters"

7. luca cotter booked "camp sunshine" pilot presentation

8. nicole dele booked "tosh.0"

9. matt shore booked "at&t" commercial

10. ervin ross booked new tv show "enlisted"

11. christian gehring booked "ncis"

12. jamie doyle booked "burlington" commercial

13. kavita patil booked "united airlines" national commercial

14. garrett mendez booked "lowes" commercial

15. charlie nicholls booked tv show "2 broke girls"

16. g. maximilian zarou booked "untitled camp movie"

17. brandon morales booked tv show "castle"

18. michael james bell booked new tv show "we are men"

19. kavita patil booked tv show "revenge"

20. alexandria terry booked "l'oreal shoot"

21. mark berry booked tv show "scandal"

22. christine rodriguez booked new tv show "mixology"

23. serena kashmir booked "untitled camp movie"

24. frank maharajh booked "at&t" commercial

25. ryan gowland booked "pelican" commerical

26. mark berry booked new tv show "mom"

27. chris hampton booked "dulce vida tequila" commercial

28. ashley dulaney booked tv show "scandal"

29. matt orduna booked feature film "grace of jake"

30. jill l. johnson booked tv show "sons of anarchy"

31. david saucedo booked "aha" feature film

32. dunham stewart booked "i remember you" feature film

33. christian gehring booked new tv show "mixology"

34. tian wang booked "guggenheim" voice over

35. londale theus jr. booked "state farm" national commercial

36. alex gillies booked "lvcva" commercial