Ent Lab Bookings August 2015


  1. Al Coronel booked Ford National commercial
  2. Andrew Lee booked a Guest Star on NCIS: Los Angeles TV show
  3. Bob Rumnock booked Paradise Pictures TV show
  4. Carlos Antonio booked Superstore TV show
  5. Charlie Nicholls booked No Sweat Campaign commercial
  6. Dan Martin is back on The Grinder TV show as Murph
  7. Dan Warner is back on Bella and the Bulldogs TV show as Mr. Davis
  8. Daniele Lawson booked Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn TV show
  9. David Saucedo booked LIKE.SHARE.FOLLOW feature film
  10. Devan Long booked Marvel's Agents of SHIELD TV show
  11. Duncan Bravo booked Kirby Buckets TV show
  12. Duncan Bravo booked The Player TV show
  13. Eli Bildner booked Bud Light commercial
  14. Fawnda McMahan booked Jane the Virgin TV show
  15. Folake Olowofoyeku booked Roots TV show
  16. Francisco Rodriguez booked 20th Century Women feature film starring Elle Fanning
  17. Frank Maharajh booked IBM National commercial
  18. Gina Genova booked Dental Plans commercial
  19. Herbert Russell booked Castle TV show
  20. Hina Khan booked Trafficked feature film
  21. Hunter Stiebel booked Crazy Ex-Girlfriend TV show
  22. Janet Song booked Nocturnal Animals feature film starring Jake Gyllenhaal
  23. Jared Wernick booked Google commercial
  24. Jill L. Johnson booked DraftKings commercial 
  25. Jill Remez booked Secrets & Lies TV show
  26. John Eddins is back on Bosch TV show as Wash
  27. Jovan Armand booked a Recurring Guest Star on The Middle TV show
  28. Jovan Armand is back on Bella and the Bulldogs TV show as Ricky Delarosa
  29. Karen McClain booked Lady Dynamite TV show
  30. Keisha Kimball booked Zwivel Online Cosmetic Consultations commercial
  31. Kevan Moezzi booked Southern Company commercial
  32. Kimmy Shields booked The Middle TV show
  33. Lawrence Adimora booked a Guest Star on NCIS: New Orleans TV show
  34. Matty Cardarople booked 20th Century Women feature film starring Elle Fanning
  35. Matty Cardarople is back on Bell and the Bulldogs TV show as Lavelle
  36. Michael Strassner booked DraftKings National commercial
  37. Molly Pan booked The Player TV show
  38. Nancy Linehan Charles booked a Guest Star on Vice Principals TV show
  39. Nancy Linehan Charles booked Slim Jim National commercial 
  40. Nick Hart booked Green Sprinkles commercial
  41. Nicolas Suter booked Cox Communications commercial
  42. Pamela Shaddock booked CSI: Cyber TV show
  43. Peggy Lu booked Heartbreaker TV show
  44. Peter Banifaz booked Paradise Pictures TV show
  45. Porter Kelly booked StubHub commercial
  46. Ric Sarabia booked Captain Crunch commercial 
  47. Ric Sarabia booked Rush Hour TV show
  48. Ruben Vernier booked Campbell's National commercial
  49. Sam Parker booked Lego commercial
  50. Sol Rodriguez booked Dunkin Donuts commercial
  51. Steven Shaw booked a Guest Star on Code Black TV show
  52. Steven Shaw booked Heartbreaker TV show
  53. Stewart Skelton booked Westworld TV show
  54. Tia Shipman booked Grandfathered TV show
  55. Tom Beyer booked Hulu National commercial
  56. Treisa Gary booked The Player TV show
  57. Veronica Mannion booked Insecure TV show
  58. Veronica Mannion booked Remy Martin commercial
  59. Victor Amayo booked Dr. Ken TV show
  60. Will Pinson Rose booked LIKE.SHARE.FOLLOW feature film
  61. Zylan Brooks booked Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders TV show