Ent Lab Bookings December 2013

1. jocelyn ayanna booked recurring role on tv show "justified"

2. duncan bravo booked a recurring role on new tv show "the mayor of mars" 

3. nicolas suter booked "twix" national commercial

4. pat destro booked "jimmy kimmel"

5. francisco rodriguez booked "modelo" commercial

6. nicolas suter booked "comcast" worldwide commercial

7. tian wang booked "investigation discovery southpark"

8. richard cabral booked recurring role on new tv show "bosch"

9. donna rusch booked "humira ambassador" print job

10. john kenward booked feature "phantom halo" produced by peter bogdanovich

11. jocelyn ayanna booked "alpha chow" tv show

12. donna rusch booked "check it out with dr. steve brule" tv show

13. lenne klingaman booked "esalon" commercial

14. christine rodriguez booked guest star on "Austin & Ally" tv show

15. albert minero booked "honda" national commercial

16. frank maharajh booked new tv show "braddock & jackson" on FX

17. g. maximilan zarou booked "super fun night" tv show

18. harri williams booked "brita v2" national commercial

19. kristofer gordon booked "the brooklyn brothers llc"