Ent Lab Bookings December 2014

  1. Alejandro Barrios booked Applebee's National commercial
  2. Alejandro Barrios booked Community tv show
  3. Alejandro Barrios booked Powerade commercial
  4. Ben Cain booked In Between Days feature film
  5. Ben Seaward booked Carl's Jr. commercial
  6. Ben Woolf is back on American Horror Story tv show as Meep
  7. Brandon Morales booked CSI: Cyber tv show
  8. Brandon Morales booked How to Get Away with Murder tv show
  9. Cornelius Peter booked Silicon Valley tv show
  10. Dan Martin booked Drive, She Said tv show
  11. Dan Martin booked How to Get Away With Murder tv show
  12. Dannay Rodriguez booked Applebee's National commercial
  13. Dannay Rodriguez booked Subway National commercial
  14. David Hinton booked FDA - Anti Smoking National commercial
  15. Devan Long booked Turbo Tax National commercial
  16. Dieterich Gray booked a Guest Star on I Didn't Do It tv show
  17. Duncan Bravo is back on Henry Danger tv show Mr. Gooch
  18. Emmy Buckner booked Faking It tv show
  19. Ervin Ross Fifth Third Bank commercial
  20. Frank Maharajh booked DiGiorno commercial
  21. Hunter Stiebel booked Henry Danger tv show
  22. Jasmine St. Clair booked Cox Media commercial
  23. Jim Kane booked Community tv show
  24. Joyce Greenleaf booked Agent Carter tv show
  25. Karl Kwiatkowski booked Applebee's National commercial
  26. Karl Kwiatkowski booked Best Buy National commercial
  27. Lou Richards booked How to Get Away with Murder tv show
  28. Marcus Folmar booked Criminal Minds tv show
  29. Marcus Folmar booked Marry Me tv show
  30. Marcus Folmar is back on 100 Things to Do Before High School as Mr. Bandt
  31. Melina Paez booked Susan G. Komen commercial
  32. Miranda Winans booked Target Baby commercial
  33. Nick Hart booked Jane the Virgin tv show
  34. Patricia Ponce De Leon booked Crest National commercial
  35. Patrick Nicolas booked FDA - Anti Smoking National commercial
  36. Rebecca Berman booked Cars.com National commercial
  37. Ric Sarabia booked Marvel's Agents of Shield tv show
  38. Sorin Brouwers booked Black Mirror feature
  39. Stephen Trzaska booked Compare commercial
  40. Steve Sears booked Disney commercial
  41. Tony Robinette booked Allstate National commercial
  42. Tony Robinette booked 2nd Allstate National commercial