Ent Lab Bookings December 2016


  1. Adwin Brown booked Idiotsitter TV show
  2. Albert Minero Jr. booked Underworld Promo
  3. Amy Vorpahl booked Throwing Shade webseries
  4. Andrew Hernandez is back on American Crime TV show
  5. Anthony L. Fernandez booked Recurring Guest Star on Rebel TV show
  6. Ashley Dulaney booked Rebel TV show
  7. Bamm Ericsen booked Angie Tribeca TV show
  8. Bella Popa booked Corona commercial
  9. Ben Seaward booked Viking commercial
  10. Bianca Lopez booked Speechless TV show
  11. Biff Wiff booked Toyota commercial
  12. Carlos Arellano booked General Hospital TV show
  13. Christine Corpuz booked Orville TV show
  14. Christine Rodriguez booked Pfizer commercial
  15. Christopher Gehrman is back on American Housewife TV show
  16. Dan Warner booked Tresiba National commercial
  17. Daniel Robbins booked Pilot Academy webseries
  18. David Hinton booked Kings feature film
  19. David St. James booked Powerless TV show
  20. Donna Rusch booked Capital One National commercial
  21. Elizabeth Hinkler booked Jane the Virgin TV show
  22. Ervin Ross booked Angie Tribeca TV show
  23. Ervin Ross booked Idiotsitter TV show
  24. Ervin Ross booked Snowfall TV show
  25. Ervin Ross is back on American Crime TV show
  26. Ezra Buzzington booked Doolittle's Heroes feature film
  27. Frank Gallegos booked American Crime TV show
  28. J. Francisco Rodriguez booked Snowfall TV show
  29. Janet Song booked Kings feature film
  30. Jared Wernick booked Scorpion TV show
  31. Jay Mendoza booked LG print job
  32. Jeff Alba booked Hidden Valley Ranch National commercial
  33. Jonathan Bray booked Curb Your Enthusiasm TV show
  34. Julien Ari booked Game Shakers
  35. Juliet Tondowski booked Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV show
  36. Karibel Rodriguez booked Criminal Minds TV show
  37. Karole Foreman booked Rebel TV show
  38. Karole Foreman booked Rebel TV show
  39. Kavita Patil is back on American Crime TV show
  40. Leslie L. Miller booked Audi commercial
  41. Leslie L. Miller booked Grammy Promo
  42. Maisie Klompus booked VO job on Lion Guard TV show
  43. Mike Peebler booked Humira commercial
  44. Natasha Lloyd booked The Young and the Restless TV show
  45. P.L. Brown booked Recurring role on Walk the Prank TV show
  46. Pierce Minor booked Angie Tribeca TV show
  47. Pierce Minor booked Hefty commercial
  48. Pierce Minor booked Marvel's Agents of Shield TV show
  49. Rafael Torres booked Tresiba National commercial
  50. Rob Norton booked Guest Star on Disjointed TV show
  51. Ronnie Alvarez booked Game Shakers
  52. Ruben Vernier booked Hefty commercial
  53. Sandra Purpuro booked Recurring Guest Star on Powerless TV show
  54. Sarah Jane MacKay booked Dignity Health print job
  55. Stewart Skelton booked Blackish TV show
  56. Wiley Pickett is back on The Last Ship TV show
  57. Zylan Brooks is back on American Crime TV show