1. Alexander Guder booked The Fosters TV show
  2. Alexander Neher booked Grey's Anatomy TV show
  3. Amy Tsang booked Lucifer TV show
  4. Anthony M. Bertram booked Vida TV show
  5. Anthony M. Bertram booked Walmart commercial
  6. Ashley Olds booked VW National commercial
  7. Ben Seaward booked FlowrStompr's commercial
  8. Bianca Lopez booked Blackish TV show
  9. Bianca Lopez booked Timeless TV show
  10. Brandon Morales booked Destroyer feature film
  11. Bruno Amato booked Knight Squad TV show
  12. Christine Rodriguez booked Mom TV show
  13. Courtney Hoyle booked Justice print job
  14. Craig Ross Jr. was booked to direct an action feature film
  15. D'Kia Anderson booked Toyota commercial
  16. Dan Warner booked Carvana commercial
  17. Daniel Scott Robbins booked Criminal Minds TV show
  18. David Bickford booked Aspen Dental commercial
  19. David Hinton booked Toyota National commercial
  20. Deep Rai booked A Million Little Pieces feature film
  21. Elisa Perry booked Pepsi commercial
  22. Gloria Laino booked a Recurring role on Jane the Virgin TV show
  23. Gloria Laino booked S.W.A.T  TV show
  24. Herbert Russell booked KFC commercial
  25. Hugh Holub booked Geico commercial
  26. Jared Wernick booked Audi National commercial
  27. Jared Wernick booked S.W.A.T. TV show
  28. Jeff Alba booked Amica commercial
  29. Jeff Alba booked ATB Supermarket commercial
  30. Jonney Ahmanson booked Wells Fargo National commercial
  31. Karina Bonefil booked She Ball feature film
  32. Karl Kwiatkowski booked The Fixer commercial
  33. Keaton Savage booked Scorpion TV show
  34. Keith Allan booked Guest Star on The Good Doctor TV show
  35. Leslie L. Miller booked Feeding American commercial
  36. Lisa Dring booked Wells Fargo National commercial
  37. Loren Escandon booked For the People TV show
  38. Matthew Dennis Lewis booked One Day She'll Darken miniseries
  39. Matthew Kimbrough booked Guest Star on Henry Danger TV show
  40. Micah Nelson booked American Housewife TV show
  41. Minerva Garcia booked Best.Worst.Weekend.Ever. TV show
  42. Nancy Linehan Charles booked Guest Star on Life in Pieces TV show
  43. Noah Baron booked Legion TV show
  44. Parisa Fakhri is back on Seal Team TV show
  45. Peter Banifaz booked Guest Star on Lethal Weapon TV show
  46. Ric Sarabia booked a Recurring role on The Outpost TV show
  47. Ruben Vernier booked HP commercial
  48. Sam Marra booked Luxury Car Brand commercial
  49. Spenser McNeil booked KIA commercial
  50. Steve Trzaska booked GLOW TV show
  51. Steven Trzaska booked Famous in Love TV show
  52. Stewart Skelton booked General Hospital TV show
  53. Stewart Skelton booked Guest Star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV show
  54. Stewart Skelton booked Timeless TV show
  55. Stewart Skelton booked Untitled Yang/Hubbard TV show
  56. Susan Berger booked Lucifer TV show
  57. Susan Song booked Booking.com VO job
  58. Tarina Pouncy booked This is Us TV show
  59. Tyler Hibbard booked Google commercial
  60. Ydaiber Orozco booked United Health Care commercial