Dejan is a Serbian film/TV director and screenwriter. He directed over 100 TV episodes and 10 feature films. Dejan’s newest feature film Offenders has been selected by his home country of Serbia as its official contender for the 2019 Oscars in the foreign-language category - .

Offenders review in The Hollywood Reporter.

Dejan’s specialties are thriller, horror, sci-fi and action. He is currently directing his 50th episode of the TV show Vojna Akademija (Military Academy) airing on prime-time Television channel RTS in Serbia. He also directed 13 episodes on a medical TV series called Emergency Center (a Serbian remake of the classic medical TV series ER), 37 episodes on Sifra Despot, 19 episodes on Sindjelici and 12 episodes on Cizmasi, all major TV shows in Serbia.

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