Ent Lab Bookings February 2014

1. jill l. johnson booked "the crazy ones" tv show

2. devan long booked "gatorade" commercial

3. kiff vandenheuvel booked "braddock & jackson" tv show

4. peter banifaz booked "mom" tv show

5. christine corpuz booked feature film "visions" starring isla fisher and jim parsons

6. david saucedo booked "aztec blood"

7. francisco rodriguez booked a casino commercial

8. frank maharajh booked "dunkin donuts" national sag commercial

9. marek probosz booked "jimmy kimmel" tv show

10. jocelyn ayanna booked "dads" tv show

11. matt orduna booked feature film "baby steps"

12. amir malaklou booked "hsbc" commercial

13. andreas wigand booked "tribeca" tv show

14. jim senti booked "samsung" commercial

15. kiff vandenheuvel booked "post nord logistics" commercial

16. donna rusch booked feature film "gone girl" starring ben affleck and tyler perry

17. jim senti booked "the mindy project" tv show

18. diana lu booked feature film "origami fox"

19. aaron burleson booked "smirnoff" national sag commercial

20. charlie nicholls booked "untitled andrew gurland" pilot

21. spenser mcneil booked "meijer" commercial

22. justin alexio booked "suntrust" national sag commercial

23. ashley dulaney booked "remicade"

24. jocelyn ayanna booked "the millers" tv show