1. Adam Hunter booked Hand of God TV show
  2. Ashley Dulaney booked The House Sitter feature
  3. Bamm Ericsen booked Mindy Project
  4. Bob Rumnock booked a Recurring role on Blunt Talk TV show
  5. Bob Rumnock booked Kidnapped feature
  6. Brandon Morales booked The Young and the Restless TV show
  7. Brionne Davis booked Ray Donovan TV show
  8. Calvin Tenner booked Miller Lite National commercial
  9. Catfish Jean booked Miller Lite National commercial
  10. Chris Dotson booked 2 Broke Girls promo
  11. Christine Rodriguez booked Gorilla Glue commercial
  12. Christopher Corbin booked 2 Broke Girls TV show
  13. Christopher Corbin is back on Jane the Virgin as Ivan
  14. Dan Warner booked Bella and the Bulldogs TV show
  15. Dannay Rodriguez booked AT&T National commercial
  16. David Hinton booked Soda commercial
  17. Duncan Bravo booked Angie Tribeca TV show
  18. Duncan Bravo is back on Henry Danger as Mr. Gooch
  19. Ervin Ross booked Burger King National commercial
  20. Folake Olowofoyeku booked Ray Donovan TV show
  21. Folake Olowofoyeku booked Untitled 1/2 Hour HBO Series Title Sequence
  22. Jasmine St. Clair booked Priceline National commercial
  23. Jasmine St. Clair booked US Cellular commercial
  24. Jason Ko booked Video Game VO job
  25. Jim Senti booked Indie feature
  26. Jovan Armand is back on Bella and The Bulldogs TV show as Ricky Delarosa
  27. Julien Ari booked a Guest Star on NCIS: LA 
  28. Karole Foreman booked Recurring role on Murder in the First TV show
  29. Kavita Patil booked Hawaii 5-0 TV show
  30. Kavita Patil booked United Healthcare National commercial
  31. Kimmy Shields booked Dunkin Donuts National commercial
  32. Kimmy Shields booked Phillips commercial
  33. Molly Pan booked Faking It TV show
  34. Nancy Linehan Charles booked a Recurring role on Days of our Lives
  35. Nicolas Suter booked a Guest Star on 100 Things to do Before High School TV show
  36. Nicolas Suter booked WalMart commercial
  37. Nikki McCauley booked Maron - Block 5 TV show
  38. Pramod Kumar booked AT&T National commercial
  39. Rafael de la Fuente booked Lift Me Up feature
  40. Ray Parkih booked Qualcomm commercial
  41. Ruben Vernier booked Dunkin Donuts National commercial
  42. Ruben Vernier booked Sweetarts commercial
  43. Steven Shaw booked Angie Tribeca TV show
  44. Steven Shaw booked Law & Order SVU TV show
  45. Tamara Goodwin booked Tosh.0 TV show
  46. Treisa Gary booked Scandal TV show
  47. Victor Amayo booked Virgin Mobile commercial
  48. Zach Watkins booked Fox Sports commercial
  49. Zach Watkins booked Subway National commercial