Ent Lab Bookings February 2016

  1. Adwin Brown booked Marrying Kinds feature film
  2. Adwin Brown booked Tosh.0 TV show
  3. Al Coronel is back on The Last Ship TV show as Manuel Castillo
  4. Allel Aimiche booked Lopez TV show
  5. Andrew Hernandez booked Enterprise commercial
  6. Andrew Lee booked Grey's Anatomy TV show
  7. Barry Corbin booked The Valley feature film
  8. Ben Cain booked Time Traveling Bong TV show
  9. Ben Seaward booked Best Buy commercial
  10. Biff Wiff booked NCIS TV show
  11. Bob Rumnock booked Lopez TV show
  12. Bruno Amato booked a Recurring Role on Blunt Talk TV show
  13. Bruno Amato is back on The Soul Man TV show as Sully
  14. Carlos Antonio booked Devious Maids TV show
  15. Catfish Jean booked a Major Recurring Guest Star on Survivor's Remorse TV show
  16. Charlie Nicholls booked Modern Family TV show
  17. Chris Dotson booked a Recurring Role on Lopez TV show
  18. Chris Dotson booked The Kicks TV show
  19. Christine Corpuz booked Casual TV show
  20. Christine Rodriguez booked Jane the Virgin TV show
  21. Christine Rodriguez booked PenFed commercial
  22. Christopher Aguilar booked Nike National commercial
  23. Christopher Corbin booked Casual TV show
  24. Christopher Gehrman booked Rock in a Hard Place feature film
  25. Cornelius Peter is back on Silicon Valley TV show as Thom
  26. Damon Standifer booked Casual TV show
  27. Dan Martin booked Criminal Minds TV show
  28. Dan Martin booked Itsy Bitsy feature film
  29. Dan Martin booked Wanda's Place feature film
  30. Dan Martin is back on The Bold & the Beautiful TV show as Lt. Bradley Baker
  31. Dan Warner booked Natrol National commercial
  32. Dan Warner is back on Aquarius TV show as Detective Art Lyons
  33. Dan Warner is back on Supergirl TV show as Fire Chief
  34. Daniel Cummings booked NCIS TV show 
  35. David Hinton booked Dollar Shave Club voice over job
  36. Devan Long booked Bravecto National commercial 
  37. Devan Long booked Smith and Forge Hard Cider National commercial
  38. Dimiter Marinov booked a Guest Star on The Americans TV show
  39. Duncan Bravo booked Casual TV show
  40. Elisa Perry booked How To Get Away With Murder TV show
  41. Emmy Buckner booked a Guest Star on Liv & Maddie TV show
  42. Frank Maharajh booked NCIS: LA TV show
  43. G Maximilian Zarou booked Documentary Now! TV show
  44. Jared Wernick booked a Recurring Role on Joy Web Series
  45. Jay Mendoza booked Honest Co commercial 
  46. Jay Mendoza booked Munchkin commercial
  47. Jill Remez booked The Kicks TV show
  48. Jonathan Bray booked Zillow commercial
  49. Jordan Diggs booked Walk the Prank TV show
  50. Joyce Greenleaf booked Kama Sutra Club
  51. Joyce Greenleaf booked Ray Donovan TV show
  52. Karen McClain booked Jane the Virgin TV show
  53. Karl Kwiatkowski booked Firestone commercial
  54. Karl Kwiatkowski booked Walmart commercial
  55. Karole Foreman booked Heartbeat TV show
  56. Keith Nam booked Golfsmith commercial
  57. Kevin Shen booked Intel print job
  58. Kiff Vanden Heuvel booked Documentary Now! TV show
  59. Lawrence Adimora booked So Cal Honda commercial
  60. Leslie Miller booked That Evening Sun short film starring James Franco
  61. Mark Bloom booked Blackish TV show
  62. Mark Bloom is back on Silicon Valley TV show as VC
  63. Matty Cardarople booked Itsy Bitsy feature film
  64. Matty Cardarople is back on Comedy Bang Bang! TV show
  65. Natasha Lloyd booked TruTV
  66. Peggy Lu booked Transparent TV show
  67. Pierce Minor booked Tempur-Pedic National commercial
  68. Pilot Saraceno booked BMW commercial
  69. PJ Hubbard Booked How To Get Away With Murder TV show
  70. Rebecca Berman booked Dairy Queen National commercial
  71. Robert Arce booked Gilmore Girls TV show
  72. Robert Arce booked Veep TV show
  73. Ryan Phuong booked The Thundermans TV show
  74. Sandra Purpuro booked a Guest Star on Modern Family TV show
  75. Sarah Jane Mackay booked Int'l Delight commercial
  76. Segun Oduolowu booked AT&T National commercial
  77. Spenser McNeil is back on Modern Family as Reuben
  78. Tom Beyer booked Maron TV show
  79. Tom Beyer booked Tribes of Palos Verdes feature film
  80. Tonja Kahlens booked Casual TV show
  81. Treisa Gary booked Grey's Anatomy TV show
  82. Treisa Gary booked Silicon Valley TV show
  83. Will Pinson-Rose booked AT&T commercial