1. Al Coronel booked Ernesto’s Manifesto Feature Film
  2. Alan Heitz booked This is Us TV Show
  3. Albert Minero Jr. booked Fox Sports Promo
  4. Alden Ray booked Recurring role on Homecoming TV Show
  5. Alejandro Barrios booked Skechers Commercial
  6. Amy Tsang booked Marriott Commercial
  7. Andrew Patrick Ralston is back on Lethal Weapon TV Show
  8. Andy Taylor Kim booked Grey’s Anatomy TV Show
  9. Anthony Bertram booked Altice Commercial
  10. Brian Maillard booked 9-1-1 TV Show
  11. Brian Maillard booked Jane The Virgin TV Show
  12. Bruno Amato booked General Hospital TV Show
  13. Caitlin Leahy booked Grace & Frankie TV Show
  14. Carin Chea booked Dog Bites Back TV Show
  15. Carlos Arellano booked Station 19 TV Show
  16. Carol Herman booked Guest Star on Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV Show
  17. Christine Horn booked Guest Star on Timeless TV Show
  18. Christine Horn booked Triple Frontier Feature Film
  19. Cornelius Peter booked Atypical TV Show
  20. Dan Martin is back on The Bold and the Beautiful TV show
  21. Dan Sachoff booked Life in Pieces TV Show
  22. Dan Warner booked Ball Street TV Pilot
  23. Dan Warner booked Guest Star on Lethal Weapon TV Show
  24. Dana Koops booked Home Depot Commercial
  25. Daniel Robbins booked Timeless TV Show
  26. David Saucedo booked Snowfall TV Show
  27. Deep Rai booked Fox Sports Promo
  28. Eddie Alfano booked Millennial Mafia TV Show
  29. Ellen Williams booked Life In Pieces TV Show
  30. Gary Kraus booked Guest Star on Liza on Demand TV Show
  31. Gloria Laino booked Food Lion TV Show
  32. Gregory Thompson booked Life in Pieces
  33. Herbert Russell booked 9-1-1 TV Show
  34. Houston Rhines booked Starbucks Commercial
  35. J. Francisco Rodriguez booked Dog Bites Back TV Show
  36. James Moses Black booked 9-1-1 TV Show
  37. Jared Wernick booked Liza on Demand TV Show
  38. Jared Wernick booked State Farm Commercial
  39. Jill Johnson is back on This is Us TV Show
  40. Jill Remez is back on The Bold and the Beautiful TV Show
  41. Jocelyn Ayanna booked Ballers TV Show
  42. Jocelyn Ayanna booked Guest Star on NCIS: LA TV Show
  43. Jonathan Bray booked Game Shakers TV Show
  44. Jonney Ahmanson booked Snowfall TV Show
  45. Joyce Greenleaf booked Angie Tribeca TV Show
  46. Judy Kain booked I’m Dying Up Here TV Show
  47. Kade Wise booked Recurring Guest Star on Empire 
  48. Karibel Rodriguez booked Wells Fargo Commercial
  49. Karl Kwiatkowski booked Recurring role on Ballers TV Show
  50. Kiff Vandenheuvel booked Ellen Degeneres TV Show
  51. Kiff Vandenheuvel booked I’m Dying Up Here TV Show
  52. Kiva Jump booked Enterprise Commercial
  53. Kristof Konrad booked Guest Star on One Day She’ll Darken TV Mini-Series
  54. Marcy Goldman booked 9-1-1 TV Show
  55. Marypat Farrell booked International Delight Commercial
  56. Matty Cardarople booked Recurring Guest Star VO role on Archibald Animated Series
  57. Matty Cardarople booked Guest Star on NCIS TV Show
  58. Max Matenko booked General Hospital TV Show
  59. Natasha Lloyd booked Turbo Tax Commercial
  60. Pam Trotter booked The Mick TV Show
  61. Pamela Shaddock booked Velvet Buzzsaw Feature Film
  62. Parisa Fakhri is back on Seal Team TV Show
  63. Paul Yen booked Animal Kingdom TV Show
  64. Peggy Lu Booked Animal Kingdom TV Show
  65. Peggy Lu booked The OA TV Show
  66. Peter Banifaz booked TWIX Commercial
  67. Pierce Minor booked Wells Fargo Commercial
  68. Rafael Torres booked Payless Shoe Commercial
  69. Roman Arabia booked Superstore TV Show
  70. Romel De Silva booked The Middle TV Show
  71. Ronnie Alvarez booked LA to Vegas TV Show
  72. Ru Kumagai booked 9-1-1 TV Show
  73. Ryan Phuong is back on Young Sheldon TV show
  74. Samuel Parker is back on Conan O’Brien TV show
  75. Sandra Stone booked Cost Plus Commercial
  76. Sarah Jane Mackay booked Sling TV Commercial
  77. Sewell Whitney booked This is Us TV Show
  78. Stephanie Nash booked Home Depot Commercial
  79. Tarina Pouncy booked Silicon Valley TV Show
  80. Tom Beyer booked AT&T Commercial
  81. Vittoria Colonna got hired to write/direct Michael Feature Film
  82. Vladimir Perez booked Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV Show
  83. Wiley Pickett booked Guest Star on NCIS: LA TV Show