Ent Lab Bookings January 2016

  1. Adam Hunter booked Best Buy commercial
  2. Adam Hunter booked Bud Light National commercial
  3. Albert Minero Jr. booked Grandfathered TV show
  4. Albert Minero Jr. booked Hotwire.com commercial
  5. Allel Aimiche booked Code Black TV show
  6. Andrew T. Lee booked Heartbeat TV show
  7. Ashley Olds booked Bai National commercial
  8. Ben Seaward booked The Muppets TV show
  9. Bob Rumnock is back on Blunt Talk as Stan
  10. Brandon Morales booked Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell feature
  11. Bruno Amato booked Baby Daddy TV show
  12. Bruno Amato booked Jane the Virgin TV show
  13. Dan Martin booked a Guest Star on The Originals TV show
  14. Dan Warner booked Neulasta Onpro Support National commercial
  15. Dan Warner is back on Aquarius TV show as Detective Art Lyons
  16. Dan Warner is back on Supergirl as Fire Chief
  17. Deep Rai booked Altar feature
  18. Devan Long booked Wendy's commercial
  19. Ervin Ross booked The Middle TV show
  20. Folake Olowofoyeku booked a Lead role in Death Race 2050 feature
  21. Folake Olowofoyeku booked How to Get Away with Murder TV show
  22. Frank Gallegos booked a Recurring role on Lopez TV show
  23. Harry Yi booked Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV show
  24. Herbert Russell booked Our Little Secret feature
  25. Hunter Stiebel is back on Crazy Ex Girlfriend as Marty
  26. Jill Johnson booked Confused feature
  27. John Eddins booked Angie Tribeca TV show
  28. Kadan Rockett booked McDonald's National commercial
  29. Karole Foreman booked The Grinder TV show
  30. Kimmy Shields booked a Recurring role on Big Little Lies TV show
  31. Lawrence Adimora booked Verizon commercial
  32. Maisie Klompus booked Madoa the Hyena animation
  33. Maisie Klompus booked Supergirl TV show
  34. Mark Bloom booked Lopez TV show
  35. Matt Kimbrough booked a Recurring role on Walk the Prank TV show
  36. Pam Trotter booked Life in Pieces TV show
  37. Peggy Lu booked Heartbeat TV show
  38. Pramod Kumar booked Jet Blue Card commercial
  39. Rafael Torres booked Kung Fu Panda commercial
  40. Ric Sarabia is back on Rush Hour as Pavlo Kulyka
  41. Robert Arce booked NBC Tribute Special
  42. Ruben Vernier booked Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV show
  43. Ruben Vernier booked Supergirl TV show
  44. Ruby Matenko booked Nickelodeon Project
  45. Samuel Parker booked NCIS: LA TV show
  46. Sarah Jane MacKay booked The Young and the Restless TV show
  47. Sorin Brouwers booked Build.com commercial
  48. Steve Trzaska booked Burger King commercial
  49. Tom Beyer booked Lopez TV show
  50. Treisa Gary booked The Muppets TV show
  51. Victor Amayo booked Church's Chicken commercial
  52. Ydaiber Orozco booked Honda commercial