1. Abhi Trivedi booked Lucifer TV Show
  2. Al Coronel booked S.W.A.T. TV Show
  3. Al Coronel booked Shooter TV show
  4. Alan Heitz booked This Is Us TV Show
  5. Alden Ray booked This Is Us TV Show
  6. Andrew Hernandez booked Unt. Noah Baumbach Feature Film
  7. Andrew Lee booked Enterprise Print Commercial
  8. Andrew Patrick Ralston booked Speechless TV Show
  9. Anthony Bertram booked Too Old To Die Young TV Show
  10. Arthur Keng booked Game Shakers TV Show
  11. Bamm Ericsen booked Amazon Commercial
  12. Becky Wu booked Lucifer TV Show
  13. Bella Popa booked The Haunting Of Sharon Tate Feature Film
  14. Benjamin J. Cain Jr. booked Swipe Right TV show
  15. Biff Wiff booked Disneyworld commercial
  16. Bo Barrett booked S.W.A.T. TV Show
  17. Brad Greenquist booked Guest Star on Scandal TV show
  18. Brandon Morales booked Walmart Commercial 
  19. Brayden Skoglund booked Lockheed commercial
  20. Brian Dare is back on Jane The Virgin
  21. Brian Maillard booked Xarelto Commercial
  22. Bruno Amato booked American Housewife TV Show
  23. Caitlin Leahy booked God's Not Dead: A Light In The Darkness Feature Film
  24. Carin Chea booked Timeless TV Show
  25. Chiquita Fuller booked Shooter TV Show
  26. Christine Horn booked Guest Star on The Affair TV Show
  27. Christine Horn is back on Legion TV show
  28. Christopher Gehrman booked The Middle TV show
  29. Christopher Gehrman is back on Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  30. Damon Standifer booked Ballers TV show
  31. Dan Martin is back on Bold of The Beautiful TV Show 
  32. Dan Sachoff booked Blackish TV Show
  33. David Anthony Hinton book Liza on Demand TV Show
  34. David Anthony Hinton booked Game Shakers TV Show
  35. David Anthony Hinton booked Geico Commercial
  36. David Saucedo booked Harry's Commercial
  37. David Saucedo booked Papi Chulo Feature Film
  38. Devin Sidell booked Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV Show
  39. Eddie Alfano booked AT & T Commercial
  40. Emily Berry booked Recurring Role on The OA TV Show
  41. Emily Hinkler booked General Hospital TV Show
  42. Emma Chandler booked Scorpion TV Show
  43. Ericka Kreutz booked Better Call Saul TV show
  44. Ervin Ross booked recurring role on Ghosted TV Show
  45. Ezra Buzzington is back on The Middle TV show
  46. Frank Gallegos booked Famous in Love TV show
  47. Fred Grandy booked Corporate America pilot
  48. Fred Grandy booked Guest Star on Knight Squad TV show
  49. Gary Kraus booked Guest Star on The Mick TV Show
  50. Gloria Laino booked What We Do In The Shadows TV Pilot
  51. Gloria Laino is back on Jane The Virgin TV Show
  52. Harrison White booked Fresh Off The Boat TV Show
  53. Heather McPhaul booked Brooklyn Nine-Nine TV Show
  54. Heather McPhaul booked Lockheed commercial
  55. Heather McPhaul booked Silicon Valley TV show
  56. Herbert Russell booked Guest Star on Liza on Demand TV Show
  57. Herbert Russell booked Recurring Role on Days Of Our Lives TV Show
  58. J. Francisco Rodriguez booked Lethal Weapon TV Show
  59. Jared Wernick booked Timeless TV Show
  60. Jeff Heapy booked Toyota Commercial
  61. Jill Johnson is back on This Is Us
  62. Jill Remez is back on Bold of The Beautiful TV Show 
  63. Jonney Ahmanson booked How To Get Away With Murder TV Show
  64. Joy Jacobson booked Walmart commercial
  65. Julien Ari booked Toyota Commercial
  66. Juliet Tondowski booked Life in Pieces TV Show
  67. Karibel Rodriguez booked AT & T Commercial
  68. Karole Foreman booked How to Get Away with Murder TV show
  69. Karole Foreman booked I'll Be Next Door For Christmas Feature Film
  70. Kelly Dowdle booked Glow TV show
  71. Kiff Vandenheuval booked I'm Dying Up Here TV Show
  72. Nancy Linehan Charles booked Guest Star on Young Sheldon TV show
  73. Nikea Gamby Turner booked Burger King Commercial
  74. Pamela Shaddock booked S.W.A.T. TV Show
  75. Pierce Minor booked Call of Duty Commercial
  76. Pierce Minor booked Walrus Feature Film
  77. Ric Sarabia booked Criminal Minds TV Show
  78. Robert Catrini booked Macgyver TV Show
  79. Romel De Silva booked Jane The Virgin TV Show
  80. Ruben Vernier booked Guest Star on Criminal Minds TV Show
  81. Ruby Matenko booked Miracle Workers TV Show
  82. Ryan Phuong is back on Young Sheldon
  83. Sharon Battle booked Glow TV show
  84. Stephanie Nash is back on Snowfall TV show
  85. Tom Beyer booked Goliath TV show
  86. Tom Beyer booked Papi Chulo Feature Film
  87. Tommy Bechtold is back on The Middle TV show
  88. Troy Blendell booked Southwest Commercial
  89. Tyler Capri Clark booked Timeless TV Show
  90. Wiley Pickett booked The Devil Has A Name Feature FIlm
  91. Zylan Brooks booked 9-1-1 TV Show