Ent Lab Bookings July 2013

1. matt orduna booked "lost angels" tv show 

2. ben woolf booked feature "tie the knot"

3. barika croom booked verizon commercial

4. sabrina kunwor booked feature "tie the knot"

5. ben woolf booked mgmt music video

6. kristofer gordon booked "how to shave" commercial

7. matt orduna booked feature "tony and leo"

8. jill l. johnson booked "you're whole" on adult swim

9. kavita patil booked feature "whiplash"

10. ben seaward booked vodaphone commercial

11. tony robinette booked aflac commercial

12. jocelyn ayanna booked feature "whiplash"

13. amanda reed booked "instant mom" tv show

14. kristofer gordon booked feature "when the game stands tall"

15. chris hampton booked jell-o commercial

16. joe alvarez booked nescafe commercial

17. albert minero booked feature "bro what happened"

18. christian gehring booked feature "all i want for christmas"

19. tyler jaye booked proactive commercial

20. nathan caywood booked "the tonight show"

21. sophia kapacinskas booked moonbeams music video

22. chris hampton booked ray-ban print