Ent Lab Bookings July 2014

getting on.png

1. Frank Maharajh booked "Getting On" TV show
2. Stewart Skelton booked "Getting On" TV show
3. Jovan Armand booked a recurring role on "Bella & the
Bulldogs" TV show
4. Tom Beyer booked "How to Get Away with Murder" TV show
5. Donna Rusch booked "How to Get Away with Murder" TV show
6. Victor Amayo booked "Growing Up and Down" pilot
7. Tony Robinette booked "Growing Up and Down" pilot
8. Brandon Morales is back on "General Hospital" TV show
9. Duncan Bravo is back ok "Henry Danger" TV show
10. Andrew Lee booked "Mom" TV show
11. Marcus Choi booked "Beautiful/Twisted" TV show
12. Dontrail Brinson booked "Shameless" TV show
13. Dan Martin booked "Toyota" National commercial
14.  Rebecca Berman booked "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" TV show
15. Brandon Morales booked "Gortimer Gibbon's" TV show
16. Karl Kwiatkowski booked "McDonald's" commercial
17. Andrew Lee booked "Fidelity" National commercial
18. Adwin Brown booked "Untitled Wong Fu Productions" feature film
19. Jose Mendoza booked "Hartford Insurance" print project
20. Victor Amayo booked "Nike" commercial
21. Tamara Goodwin booked "Energy Company" commercial
22. Matthew Cardarople booked "You're the Worst" TV show
23. Adam Hunter booked "Untitled" National commercial