Ent Lab Bookings July 2015

  1. Adam Hunter booked Game Shakers TV show
  2. Al Coronel booked Rosewood TV show
  3. Albert Minero Jr. booked Facebook commercial
  4. Albert Minero Jr. is back on Henry Danger TV show as Larry
  5. Andy Kim booked Raleys commercial
  6. April Marshall Miller booked Guest Star on Liv and Maddie TV show
  7. Biff Wiff booked Adam Ruins Everything TV show
  8. Brandon Morales booked The Mindy Project TV show
  9. Carlos Antonio booked Girl Meets World TV show
  10. Carlos Antonio booked Lady Dynamite
  11. Chad Davis booked Champs commercial
  12. Christine Corpuz booked How to Get Away with Murder TV show
  13. Christopher Gehrman booked Jimmy Kimmel show
  14. Christopher Gehrman booked The League TV show
  15. Dan Martin booked Guest Star on Code Black TV show
  16. Dan Martin is back on The Bold and the Beautiful as Lt. Bradley Baker
  17. Dan Warner booked Nike commercial
  18. Dan Warner is back on Bella and the Bulldogs TV show as Mr. Davis
  19. David Bickford booked Bella and the Bulldogs TV show
  20. David Saucedo booked Honda commercial
  21. Devan Long booked Navy Federal Credit Union commercial
  22. Devan Long booked US Cellular National commercial
  23. Dieterich Gray booked The New pilot
  24. Donna Rusch booked The Betty Ford Center commercial
  25. Francisco Rodriguez booked Miller LIte National commercial
  26. Hailey Dunham booked Nike commercial
  27. Herbert Russell booked Adam Ruins Everything TV show
  28. Hunter Stiebel booked Lady Dynamite TV show
  29. Jacklyn Chung Young booked Raleys commercial
  30. Janet Song booked PET feature
  31. Jay Mendoza booked Raleys commercial
  32. Jim Senti booked Audi National commercial
  33. John Eddins is back on Bosch TV show as Wash
  34. Jordan Diggs booked Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn TV show
  35. Jovan Armand is back on Bella and the Bulldogs as Ricky Delarosa
  36. Karl Kwiatkowski booked Rebirth feature
  37. Karole Foreman booked Adam Ruins Everything TV show
  38. Karole Foreman booked Rebirth feature
  39. Keisha Kimball booked Cosmetic Consultation Service commercial
  40. Keith Nam booked CDC commercial
  41. Kiff Vandenheuvel booked LA LA Land feature 
  42. Kiff Vandenheuvel booked You're the Worst TV show
  43. Kiff Vandenheuvel is back on Fameless TV show
  44. Kimmy Shields booked DQ National commercial
  45. Leslie Miller booked Major Crimes TV show
  46. Nancy Linehan Charles booked Guest Star on Kevin From Work TV show
  47. Nicole Dele booked Just Add Magic TV show
  48. Peggy Lu booked Southwest commercial
  49. Porter Kelly booked Stubhub National commercial
  50. Ray Parikh booked First National Bank commercial
  51. Ric Sarabia booked jet.com commercial
  52. Ruben Vernier booked Kingdom TV show
  53. Spenser McNeil booked Kohl's Back To School commercial
  54. Steven Shaw booked Heartbreakers TV show
  55. Tom Beyer booked Guest Lead on Z Nation TV show
  56. Treisa Gary booked Bosch TV show
  57. Will Pinson Rose booked Westworld commercial