1. A.J. Tannen booked Dolemite Is My Name! Feature Film
  2. Albert Minero Jr. is back shooting Kentucky Lottery Commercial
  3. Alexander Neher booked Happy Together TV Show
  4. Alexander Neher booked You’re The Worst TV Show
  5. Amy Vorpahl booked Solve Digital Series
  6. Andrew Hernandez booked Oyster National Commercial
  7. Andrew Patrick Ralston is back on Lethal Weapon TV Show
  8. Andrew Tinpo Lee is back on Kidding TV Show
  9. Asher Morrissette booked Dole Commercial
  10. Athena Diggs booked Amazon National Commercial
  11. Athena Diggs booked XQ PSA 
  12. Bamm Ericsen booked Huge In France TV Show
  13. Becky Wu booked This Is Us TV Show
  14. Bianca Lopez booked Hulu’s Unt. Holiday Anthology Series TV Show
  15. Bianca Lopez booked Seal Team TV Show
  16. Bianca Lopez booked Too Old To Die Young TV Show
  17. Brandon Morales booked This Is Us TV Show
  18. Brian Maillard booked Good Trouble TV Show
  19. Bruno Amato booked American Princess TV Show
  20. Carlos Arellano booked Spectrum Commercial
  21. Carol Herman booked The Good Place TV Show
  22. Chiquita Fuller booked 9-1-1 TV Show
  23. Christian Gehring booked McDonalds Commercial
  24. Christine Horn booked IBM Commercial
  25. Christine Rodriguez booked American Princess TV Show
  26. Clint Culp booked No Activity TV Show
  27. Clint Culp booked The Rookie TV Show
  28. Cuete Yeska booked Seal Team TV Show
  29. Cuete Yeska booked Tax Collector Feature Film
  30. Dan Warner booked Better Things TV Show
  31. Dan Warner booked Bose Commercial
  32. Dan Warner booked Sunbelt Bakery Commercial
  33. David Hinton booked Jiffy Lube National Commercial
  34. Devan Long booked Recurring Role on Bosch TV Show
  35. Devin Sidell booked Video Palace Commercial
  36. Devin Weaver booked American Housewife TV Show
  37. Eddie Alfano booked Pepsi Commercial
  38. Eliza S. Shin booked NCIS TV Show
  39. Eliza Shin booked National Commercial
  40. Elizabeth Hinkler is back on Kat & June Think Stuff TV Show
  41. Ellen D. Williams booked Comcast Commercial
  42. Ellen D. Williams booked Guest Star on I’m Sorry TV Show
  43. Emily Hinkler are back on Kat & June Think Stuff TV Show
  44. Emmy Buckner booked Weird City TV Show
  45. Fernando Martinez booked Hawaii Five-0 TV Show
  46. Fernando Martinez booked The Infiltrators Feature Film
  47. Frank Gallegos booked No Activity TV Show
  48. Frank Maharajh booked Seal Team TV Show
  49. Glenn Keogh booked Guest Star on Marvel’s Agents of Shield TV Show
  50. Harrison White booked Allstate National Commercial
  51. Harrison White booked I Got The Hookup 2 Feature Film
  52. Heather McPhaul booked Young Sheldon TV Show
  53. Houston Rhines booked The Christmas Switch Feature Film
  54. James Blakely booked Jiffy Lube Commercial
  55. Janet Song booked Criminal Minds TV Show
  56. Jared Wernick is back on Prince of Peoria
  57. Jay Linzy booked Marvel’s Agents of Shield TV Show
  58. Jeff Heapy booked Weird City TV Show
  59. Jill Johnson is back on This Is Us TV Show
  60. Jill Lover booked Draft Kings Commercial
  61. Jill Remez booked Eat Wheaties Feature Film
  62. John Eddins booked Are You Sleeping TV Show
  63. John Eddins is back on Bosch TV Show
  64. Jonathan Bray booked Guest Star on Huge In France TV Show
  65. Jonathan Ohye is back on General Hospital TV Show
  66. Jonney Ahmanson booked Young Sheldon TV Show
  67. Joshua Hoover booked One Day at a Time TV Show
  68. Joyce Greenleaf booked Young Sheldon TV Show
  69. Judy Kain booked All-American TV Show
  70. Judy Kain booked Guest Star on Bosch TV Show
  71. Judy Kain booked Guest Star on Cousins For Life TV Show
  72. Julien Ari booked S.W.A.T. TV Show
  73. Karibel Rodriguez booked Crazy Ex-Girlfriend TV Show
  74. Karole Foreman booked American Princess TV Show
  75. Kevin Symons booked Guest Star on Henry Danger TV Show
  76. Kiff Vandenheuvel booked The Rookie TV Show
  77. Kiff Vandenhuevel booked Solve Digital Series
  78. Kourtney Hansen booked The Dangers of Positive Thinking Feature Film
  79. Matt Katzenberger optioned his children's feature film script.
  80. Matthew Dennis Lewis booked Gaybashers Digital Series
  81. Michael McCusker booked Honda Commercial
  82. Minerva Garcia booked SWAT TV Show
  83. Miraj Grbic booked Santa Clarita Diet TV Show
  84. Nancy Linehan Charles booked Guest Star on Light As A Feather TV Show
  85. Nancy Linehan Charles is back on Young Sheldon
  86. Natasha Lloyd booked Boursama Commercial
  87. Natasha Lloyd booked Real’Za Commercial
  88. Nicole Dele booked You’re The Worst TV Show
  89. Parisa Fakhri is back on Seal Team TV Show
  90. Peggy Lu booked McDonalds Commercial
  91. Peter Banifaz is back on Shameless
  92. Rachael Drummond booked Untitled FX TV Show 
  93. Ric Sarabia booked Geico Commercial
  94. Richard Wharton booked Recurring Role on The Politician TV Show
  95. Richie Rosales booked The Influencers Feature Film
  96. Roman Arabia booked Shameless TV Show
  97. Ronnie Clark booked Dry City Feature Film
  98. Ronnie Clark booked State Farm Commercial
  99. Samantha Cutaran booked Get Shorty TV Show
  100. Scott Michael Morgan booked Recurring Guest Star on Mayans MC
  101. Steve Trzaska booked Comedy Central Commercial
  102. Susan Berger booked American Princess TV Show
  103. Susan Berger booked project Bubbles
  104. Susan Song booked Nationwide National Commercial
  105. Terryn Westbrook booked ISolve Feature Film
  106. Troy Blendell booked How To Get Away With Murder TV Show
  107. Tyler Clark booked Hyundai Commercial
  108. Veronica Mannion booked Hotel Tonight Commercial
  109. Vladimir Perez booked Huge In France TV Show
  110. Vladimir Perez booked Pepsi Commercial
  111. Ydaiber Orozco booked AT & T Commercial
  112. Yvonne Valadez booked Life Size 2 Feature Film
  113. Zylan Brooks booked Unt. Noah Hawley Feature Film