Ent Lab Bookings June 2016

  1. Adwin Brown booked Deported Feature Film
  2. Adwin Brown is back on The Fosters TV show
  3. Al Coronel booked LM June 2016 - Drug Free Industrial Job
  4. Alejandro Barrios booked Skechers Print Job
  5. Andrew Hernandez booked Girlboss TV show
  6. Andy Kim booked Junkyard Paradise Feature Film 
  7. April Marshall-Miller booked AT&T Print Job
  8. April Marshall-Miller booked Henry Danger TV show
  9. Bamm Ericksen booked Fifth Third Bank Commercial
  10. Bamm Ericsen booked You're the Worst TV show
  11. Barry Corbin booked Madden Video Game
  12. Becki Dennis booked Pretty Little Liars TV show
  13. Biff Wiff booked Grace and Frankie TV show
  14. Biff Wiff booked Review TV show
  15. Bob Rumnock booked Good Girls Revolt TV show
  16. Bob Rumnock booked Son of Zorn TV show
  17. Brad Greenquist booked Annabelle 2 Feature Film
  18. Brad Greenquist booked National Best Buy Commercial
  19. Brandon Morales booked Gordmans Commercial 
  20. Brandon Morales booked Supercon Feature Film
  21. Carin Chea booked Hand of God TV show
  22. Carlos Arellano booked Major Crimes TV show
  23. Chris Dotson booked Henry Danger TV show
  24. Corey Mendell Parker booked Rizzoli & Isles TV show
  25. Cornelius Peter booked Girlboss TV show
  26. Damon Standifer booked Documentary Now! TV show
  27. Damon Standifer booked Love TV show
  28. Dan Warner booked Nationwide National Commercial 
  29. Daniele Lawson booked Game Shakers TV show
  30. David Saucedo booked Jimmy Kimmel Live TV show
  31. Deep Rai booked One Mississippi TV show
  32. Derek Dow is back on Roadies TV show
  33. Dieterich Gray booked a Major Recurring role on The New 30 TV show 
  34. Dieterich Gray booked God of War Video Game
  35. Elisa Perry booked Godless TV show
  36. Emily Hinkler booked Future Man TV show
  37. Frank Gallegos booked Lean on Pete Feature Film
  38. Gilbert David Aguirre booked The Chelsea Handler Project TV show
  39. Harrison White booked The Blue Project Commercial
  40. Herbert Russell booked Review TV show
  41. Janet Song booked Just Add Magic TV show
  42. Jordan Diggs booked The Good Place TV show
  43. Joyce Greenleaf booked You're the Worst TV show
  44. Juliet Tondowski is back on Hand of God TV show
  45. Kimmy Shields booked Comcast NBC Commercial
  46. Kimmy Shields booked Girlboss TV show
  47. Leslie L. Miller booked It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia TV show
  48. Maisie Klompus booked Insecure TV show
  49. Maya Cavallaro booked Papa John's Commercial
  50. Michael McCusker booked an unlisted Major Network TV show
  51. Minerva Garcia booked Adam Ruins Everything TV show
  52. Natasha Lloyd booked HomeAdvisor Commercial
  53. Nolan Pugh booked Documentary Now! TV show
  54. Nolan Pugh booked Jimmy John's Commercial 
  55. Pam Trotter booked Shameless TV show
  56. Patrick Daniel booked You're the Worst TV show
  57. Peter Banifaz booked One Day at a Time TV show
  58. PJ Hubbard booked Medi-Cal Covered California Voice Over Job
  59. Pramod Kumar is back on Jimmy Kimmel Live TV show
  60. Rebecca Berman booked You're the Worst TV show
  61. Ric Sarabia booked Conan TV show
  62. Robert Arce booked Jimmy Kimmel TV show
  63. Ronobir Lahiri booked Loosely Exactly Nicole TV show
  64. Ruben Vernier booked National Nike Commercial 
  65. Ryan Pittman booked Hasbro Commercial
  66. Samuel Parker booked From Beneath Video Game
  67. Sarah Jane Mackay booked another Hulu Voice Over Job
  68. Sarah Jane Mackay booked Ford Commercial
  69. Segun Oduolowu booked Ameritrade National Commercial 
  70. Sharon Battle booked Time Warner Cable Commercial
  71. Sharon Battle is back on Just Add Magic TV show
  72. Steven Shaw booked Devil's Whisper Feature Film
  73. Stewart Skelton booked Days of our Lives TV show
  74. Tarina Pouncy booked Review TV show
  75. Treisa Gary booked Love TV show
  76. Troy Caylak booked booked The Hellenes video
  77. Troy Caylak booked Loosely Exactly Nicole TV show
  78. Veronica Mannion is back on Insecure TV show
  79. Xavier Avila booked Rebtel Commercial
  80. Zylan Brooks booked Days of Our Lives TV show