1. Andrew Tinpo Lee booked Light As A Feather Stiff As A Board TV Show
  2. Asher Morrissette is back on Days Of Our Lives TV Show
  3. Bianca Lopez booked Best Buy Commercial
  4. Biff Wiff booked Hard Luck Love Song Feature Film
  5. Brandon Morales booked Venom Feature Film
  6. Christopher Allen booked Shameless TV Show
  7. Cuete Yeska booked Chocolate TV Pilot
  8. Dan Martin booked Kidding TV Show
  9. Dan Warner booked Verdesian Commercial
  10. Daniele Lawson booked HEB Commercial
  11. David Castillo booked Juicy Stories TV Show
  12. David Hinton booked Project Omaha Commercial
  13. Diego Olmedo is back on Mayans MC TV Show
  14. Eddie Alfano booked Lead in Babysplitters Feature Film
  15. Eli Bildner booked Caros Brooks Commercial
  16. Eliza Shin booked Are You Sleeping TV Show
  17. Eliza Shin booked Recurring Role on Big Little Lies TV Show
  18. Elizabeth Hinkler booked Recurring Guest Star on Kat & June Think Stuff TV Show
  19. Emily Hinkler booked Recurring Guest Star on Kat & June Think Stuff TV Show
  20. Gary Kraus is back on Documentary Now TV Show
  21. Hank Chen booked Life Size 2 Feature Film
  22. Harry Yi booked You’re The Worst TV Show
  23. Herbert Russell booked Teachers TV Show
  24. Jamison Jones booked Dr. Pepper National Commercial
  25. Janet Song booked Euphoria TV Pilot
  26. Janet Song Booked Light As A Feather Stiff As A Board TV Show
  27. Jared Wernick is back on Prince of Peoria TV Show
  28. Jill Johnson booked Lil Dicky TV Pilot
  29. Jonathan Ohye booked General Hospital TV Show
  30. Judy Kain booked Teachers TV Show
  31. Keaton Savage booked Sorry For Your Loss TV Show
  32. Keili Lefkovitz booked Guest Star on Pen15 TV Show
  33. Kimmy Shields booked Charlie Says Feature Film
  34. Krishna Smith booked Teachers TV Show
  35. Lisa Dring booked State Farm National Commercial
  36. Maisie Klompus booked Lion Guard TV Show
  37. Marcy Goldman booked Recurring Role on Future Man TV Show
  38. Max Matenko is back on General Hospital TV Show
  39. Mo Diaby booked Counterpart TV Show
  40. Nicole Dele booked Samsung Commercial
  41. Nicole Dele booked Unt. Noah Hawley Feature Film
  42. Pam Trotter booked American Princess TV Show
  43. Patrick Daniel booked Queen America TV Show
  44. Pramod Kumar booked Shameless TV Show
  45. Rene Ashton booked Ties That Bound Feature Film
  46. Ronnie Clark booked Conan TV Show
  47. Ru Kumagai booked Google Pixel Print Job
  48. Ru Kumagai booked McDonalds National Commercial
  49. Ru Kumagai booked Ryan Hansen Solves Crime TV Show
  50. Ruby Matenko booked Timmy Failure Feature Film
  51. Sam Parker is back on Total Eclipse Digital Series
  52. Sarati booked Deal Or No Deal TV Show
  53. Scott Michael Morgan booked Counterpart TV Show
  54. Stewart Skelton booked Kidding TV Show
  55. Stewart Skelton booked Strange Angels TV Show
  56. Susan Berger booked American Princess TV Show
  57. Susan Berger booked Shameless TV Show
  58. Tommy Bechtold booked Amica National Commercial
  59. Vladimir Perez booked Recurring Guest Star on Weird City TV Show
  60. Ydaiber Orozco booked Ross Commercial