1. Al Coronel booked Animal Kingdom TV Show

  2. Al Coronel booked a Guest Star on Westworld TV Show

  3. Albert Minero booked 23andMe Commercial

  4. Albert Minero Jr. booked NFL Commercial

  5. Alejandro Barrios is back as a Recurring Role on Queen Of The South TV Show

  6. Amanda LaCount booked American Eagle Print Job

  7. Andrew Patrick Ralston booked Horse Girl Feature Film

  8. Andrew Patrick Ralston booked Pink Skies Ahead Feature Film

  9. Anthony R. Mottola booked Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt TV Show

  10. Bianca Lopez booked Grace and Frankie TV Show

  11. Brian Maillard booked a Guest Star on Tales From The Loop TV Show

  12. Carin Chea booked The Bold and the Beautiful TV Show

  13. Christine Horn booked a Guest Star on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia TV Show

  14. Christine Horn booked HBO National Commercial

  15. Christine Horn booked Terminator: Dark Fate Feature Film

  16. Daisha Graf booked Covers Feature Film

  17. Dan Martin booked a Guest Star on Better Call Saul TV Show

  18. Dan Sachoff booked Blockchain Commercial

  19. Dan Sachoff booked Let Us In Feature Film

  20. Dan Sachoff booked Little Caesars Commercial

  21. Daniele Lawson booked Good Trouble TV Show

  22. David Hinton booked Jif Commercial

  23. Devin Sidell booked The Young and The Restless TV Show

  24. Elijah Cook is back as a Recurring Role on Ballers TV Show

  25. Emma Fassler booked Ratched TV Show

  26. Fred Grandy booked a Guest Star on Fuller House TV Show

  27. Gabriela Banus booked Dead Voices Feature Film

  28. Harrison White booked Space Jam 2 Feature Film

  29. Herbert Russell booked Ratched TV Show

  30. Jill Lover booked HBO National Commercial

  31. Jill Remez booked Jimmy Kimmel Live! TV Show

  32. Joanne Verbos booked Ratched TV Show

  33. Johnny Kostrey booked a Guest Star on Kidding TV Show

  34. Jonathan Ohye is back as a Recurring Role on General Hospital TV Show

  35. Karibel Rodriguez booked Ballers TV Show

  36. Krishna Smitha is back as a Recurring Role on Silicon Valley TV Show

  37. Lisa Dring booked Toyota National Commercial

  38. Louise Alston booked Romantic Australia Feature Film Directing Job

  39. Luca Malacrino booked Warner Bros. Harry Potter Video Game

  40. Maisie Klompus is back as a Recurring Role on Good Trouble TV Show

  41. Philip Garcia booked Wendy’s National Commercial

  42. Phillip Garcia booked Terminator: Dark Fate Feature Film

  43. Rene Ashton booked a Print Job

  44. Rene Ashton booked Experian Commercial

  45. Romel De Silva booked Sorry For Your Loss TV Show

  46. Ronnie Alvarez booked Gilead Commercial

  47. Ruby Pedroza booked Skyrocket Toys Commercial

  48. Saiyam Kumar booked ESPN SportsCenter Commercial

  49. Samantha Cutaran booked What Just Happened??! with Fred Savage TV Show

  50. Shirley Jordan booked Family Feud Promo

  51. Susan Song booked Ally Bank Print Job

  52. Susan Song booked Muppets Game & Talk Show

  53. Timothy Davis-Reed booked Pink Skies Ahead Feature Film

  54. Tyler Clark booked SRRL Feature Film