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For the past 24 years, Kelly Perine has been a staple in Film and Television. You may recognize Kelly as “Sir Gareth,” a Series Lead on Nickelodeon’s new hit series Knight Squad. He was also a series regular on U.P.N.'s Between Brothers, where he played Weatherman Dusty Canyon, Under One Roof, where he starred opposite Flavor Flav, and possibly most recognizably as a regular on U.P.N.’s hit comedy One On One, playing the outrageous Duane Odell Knox.  But his writing credits and accolades are piling up as well. Receiving a Film Studies degree from Pomona College before getting his MFA in Drama from UC Irvine gives Kelly a unique awareness of filmic dramatic structure, coupled with the fact that having performed written texts for over 40 years gives him an actor’s understanding of importance of the written word. These factors make Kelly one of Hollywood’s must-read voices. 

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Kelly is currently shopping his feature film script Rundown Mongoose.

Logline: Darryl “Mongoose” Montgomery, a washed-up, ex-Major League Baseball player is sent by his former team to recruit a young break-out star player from the Dominican Republic. In the process, Mongoose is faced with his old rival and must compete for the young player's approval to secure the recruit. Despite his initial apathy, reluctance and bad luck, Mongoose finds what he needed all along: a woman to set him straight and a renewed passion for the game.

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