Ent Lab Bookings March 2014

1. matthew cardarople booked feature "jurassic world" starring chris pratt

2. lily detwiler booked feature "50 shades of gray" starring jamie dornan

3. andrew lee booked "humana" national sagaftra commercial

4. dontrail brinson booked "usaa" national sagaftra commercial

5. christian gehring booked guest star on "bones" tv show

6. devan long booked pilot "matador"

7. melina paez booked "humira" commercial

8. dannay rodriguez booked "samsung" print job

9. brandon morales is recurring on "scandal" tv show

10. ervin ross is back on "comedy bang bang" tv show

11. mark berry booked "the agents of shield" tv show

12. matthew cardarople booked "comedy bang bang" tv show

13. christian gehring booked tnt pilot "guilt by association"

14. carlin james booked "weber grill" commercial

15. robert coventry jr. booked levemire commercial

16. kasia wolejnio booked feature "survivor" starring mila jovovich

17. dieterich gray booked "a1" national sagaftra commercial

18. jessica deshaw booked "wings financial" commercial

19. kevin nicholls booked feature "crossing streets"

20. natalie gartman booked "converse" commercial

21. chelsea coleman booked "converse" commercial

22. raleigh adams booked "samsung" commercial

23. matthew cardarople booked pilot "tim & eric's bedtime stories"

24. michael sasso booked "catfish: untold stories" on mtv

25. ashley dulaney booked "criminal minds" tv show

26. molly ritter booked "bad grandpa" promo

27. kiff vandenheuvel booked "post nord logistics" commercial

28. cornelius peter booked feature "taken 3" starring liam neeson

29. dannay rodriguez booked "sports authority" commercial

30. adwin brown booked "century link" commercial

31. devan long booked "the bridge" tv show

32. rafael de la fuente booked recurring guest star on lee daniels pilot "empire"

33. joyce greenleaf booked feature "the judge" starring robert downey jr.

34. christine corpuz booked "paranormal party foul"

35. matthew cardarople booked "the agency"

36. kavita patil booked "hilton" job

37. folake olowofoyeku booked feature film "the veil" starring jessica alba

38. jocelyn ayanna booked feature "ill see you in my dreams" starring malin akerman

39. cheryl lynn bowers booked guest star on "the millers" tv show

40. christian gehring booked "kickin' it" tv show

41. melina paez booked "hsbc" print job