1. Al Bayan booked 9-1-1 TV Show
  2. Al Coronel booked Lucifer TV Show
  3. Alan Ko booked People in the Attic Movie
  4. Andrew Heder booked Merck P-23 Commercial
  5. Andrew Tinpo Lee booked Bright Futures TV Show
  6. Andrew Tinpo Lee booked Snowfall TV Show
  7. Andy Taylor Kim booked Chipotle Commercial 
  8. Antonio Leon booked Get Shorty TV Show
  9. Asher Morrissette booked Recurring Role on Days Of Our Lives
  10. Bamm Ericsen booked Unannounced Summer Series TV Show
  11. Becki Dennis booked Justine Feature Film
  12. Ben Cain booked A Day In The Life Film
  13. Ben Cain booked Lethal Weapon TV Show
  14. Bianca Lopez booked Ford National Commercial
  15. Bob Rumnock booked The Kominsky Method TV Show
  16. Brian Dare booked Modern Family TV Show
  17. Chiquita Fuller booked Atypical TV Show
  18. Chiquita Fuller booked ESPN Commercial
  19. Daniel Robbins booked Guest Star on LA Confidential Pilot
  20. David Anthony Hinton booked Ballers TV Show
  21. Eddie Alfano booked Beefcakes Film
  22. Eli Bildner booked Hornitos Commercial
  23. Eli Bildner booked Maple Commercial
  24. Emily Berry booked Toyota National Commercial
  25. Ericka Kreutz booked Mixtape TV Show
  26. Ericka Kreutz booked Survival Skills Feature Film 
  27. Fernando Martinez booked Chiefs Pilot
  28. Frank Gallegos booked Guest Star I’m Dying Up Here TV Show
  29. Fred Grandy booked Guest Star on Moonbase 8 TV Show
  30. Glenn Keogh booked Guest Star on The OA TV Show
  31. Harrison White booked The Kominsky Method TV Show
  32. Heather McPhaul booked Justine Feature Film
  33. Heather McPhaul booked Tosh.0 TV Show
  34. Herbert Russell booked Startup TV Show
  35. Hilda Boulware booked Gully Feature Film
  36. Houston Rhines booked 5 Hour Energy Commercial
  37. Hugh Holub booked Recurring Role on General Hospital TV Show
  38. J. Francisco Rodriguez booked The Rookie Pilot
  39. J. Francisco Rodriguez for AMPM Commercial
  40. Jeff Heapy booked Stanton Optical Commercial
  41. Jelena Nik booked S.W.A.T. TV Show
  42. Jill Lover booked All About The Washingtons TV Show
  43. John Eddins booked Station 19 TV Show
  44. Joy Jacobson booked Instant Family Feature Film 
  45. Joy Jacobson booked Unt. Aseem Batra Pilot
  46. Joyce Greenleaf booked Get Shorty TV Show
  47. Julien Ari booked Chipotle Commercial
  48. Julien Ari booked Slay Feature Film
  49. Karibel Rodriguez booked Guest Star on Alone Together TV Show
  50. Karibel Rodriguez booked McDonalds National Commercial
  51. Kimmy Shields booked Dunkin’ Donuts National Commercial
  52. Kristof Konrad booked Recurring Role on Homecoming TV Show
  53. Maisie Klompus booked Mixtape TV Show
  54. Marypat Farrell booked International Delight Commercial 
  55. Matty Cardarople booked Apple & Onion Cartoon Network Spot VO job
  56. Miraj Grbic booked S.W.A.T. TV Show
  57. Nancy Linehan Charles booked Testify Feature Film
  58. Nancy Linehan-Charles booked Tone-Deaf Feature Film
  59. Nikea Gamby-Turner booked Animal Kingdom TV Show
  60. Nikea Gamby-Turner booked Lucifer TV Show
  61. Nikea Gamby-Turner booked Stand Up 2 Cancer Commercial
  62. Noah Holcomb booked Walking Dead Video Game
  63. Patrick Daniel booked The Big Bang Theory TV Show
  64. PJ Hubbard booked The Kids Choice Awards
  65. Rafael Torres booked Bonobos Commercial
  66. Ric Sarabia booked Echo Commercial
  67. Richard Wharton booked Criminal Minds TV Show
  68. Riley Nice booked Nissan National Commercial
  69. Ronnie Alvarez booked Angie Tribeca TV Show
  70. Sam Marra booked Recurring Role on Homecoming TV Show
  71. Sam Parker booked Total Eclipse Digital Series
  72. Samantha Cutaran booked Beachworld Feature Film
  73. Scott Michael Morgan booked Chipotle Commercial
  74. Sewell Whitney booked Primal Feature Film
  75. Steve Trzaska booked The Middle TV Show
  76. Stewart Skelton booked 9-1-1 TV Show
  77. Stewart Skelton booked Get Shorty TV Show
  78. Stewart Skelton booked Strange Angel TV Show
  79. Susan Berger booked Looks That Kill Feature Film
  80. Tarina Pouncy booked Queen Sugar TV Show
  81. Tom Beyer booked AT & T National Commercial
  82. Verona Blue booked Unt. Gabrielle Union Pilot
  83. Veronica Mannion is back as a Recurring Guest Star on Insecure TV Show
  84. Vladimir Perez booked Game Shakers TV Show