Ent Lab Bookings May 2014

1. Veronica Mannion booked "Masters of Sex" TV show

2. Pramod Kumar booked National "Geico" commercial

3. Rafael de la Fuente booked National "Honda" commercial

4. Matt Shore booked "The Eric Andre Show"

5. Kiff Vandenheuvel booked a series regular role in "Richie Rich" show

6. Aaron Pressburg booked "Fresh and Easy" commercial

7. David Saucedo booked "Valley of the Sasquatch" feature film

8. Margarita Kallas booked "Behr Paint" National commercial

9. Tonja Kahlens booked "Reliant" commercial

10. David Saucedo booked "Carrion Doll" feature film

11. Nicolas Suter booked "Celebration Summer Radio VO" job

12. Duncan Bravo booked "Eternal Salvation" feature film

13. David Saucedo booked "Transformers" video

14. Robert Coventry booked "Fiat" commercial

15. Bob Rumnock booked "Sequestered" digital series

16. Tamara Perry booked "Ihop" National commercial

17. Pete Gardner booked "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" feature film