1. Adwin Brown booked You're the Worst TV show
  2. Al Coronel booked Agent X TV show
  3. Andrew T. Lee booked The Young and the Restless TV show
  4. Andy Kim booked Internet Co print
  5. Bamm Ericsen booked Silver Sun commercial
  6. Bob Rumnock booked Half Magic feature directed by and starring Heather Graham
  7. Brandon Morales booked American Crime Story TV show
  8. Brandon Morales booked Offer and Compromise feature
  9. Carlos Antonio booked Clipped TV show
  10. Catfish Jean booked American Crime Story TV show
  11. Christopher Gehrman booked Hand of God TV show
  12. Clare Lee booked Apple commercial
  13. Dan Warner booked Baseball commercial
  14. Dannay Rodriguez booked a Recurring role on The Bold and Beautiful 
  15. David Bickford booked American Crime Story
  16. Evangeline Lindes booked Disney Playmation
  17. Herbert Russell booked Bush Baked Beans TV show
  18. Hunter Stiebel booked C-Spire commercial
  19. Karen Mcclain booked Togetherness TV show
  20. Karole Foreman booked Switched at Birth TV show
  21. Kiff Vandenheuvel booked a Recurring role on Fameless TV show
  22. Kimmy Shields booked Chasing Life TV show
  23. Marcus Folmar booked Now We Know TV show
  24. Marcus Folmar is back on 100 Things to do Before High School TV show as Mr. Bandt
  25. Martin Belmana booked Ford commercial
  26. Matty Cardarople booked China commercial
  27. Michael Strassner booked join.me commercial
  28. Michael Strassner booked Smart Water commercial
  29. Michael Strassner booked The General commercial
  30. Nicole Dele booked Silver Sun commercial
  31. Pamela Shaddock is back on Chasing Life TV show as Janice
  32. Peter Banifaz booked Game Shakers pilot
  33. Ric Sarabia booked Conan TV show
  34. Ric Sarabia booked Silver Sun commercial
  35. Robert Arce booked Honda national commercial
  36. Sorin Brouwers booked Apple commercial
  37. Sorin Brouwers booked Awkward TV show
  38. Stewart Skelton is back on Ray Donovan as Windsor
  39. Tom Beyer booked American Crime Story TV show
  40. Wyatt Logan booked Silver Sun commercial