1. Adam Haas Hunter is back on Bizaardvark TV show
  2. Adwin Brown booked Mr. Student Body President digital series
  3. Aina Dumlao booked AT&T VO Radio Spot
  4. Aina Dumlao booked The Fosters TV show
  5. Alejandro Barrios booked Toyota ommercial
  6. Allel Aimiche booked Saint Judy feature film
  7. Anthony Bertram is back on Henry Danger TV show
  8. Arthur Keng booked Guest Star on Freakish TV show
  9. Arthur Keng booked Recurring role on The Young and the Restless TV show
  10. Barry Corbin booked Rump animated feature film
  11. Bella Popa booked Drake Commercial for Virginia Black Whiskey
  12. Brandon Morales booked Hotel Artemis feature film
  13. Brandon Morales is back on The Bold and the Beautiful TV show
  14. Brandon Morales booked an NDA project
  15. Brian Dare booked Chance TV show
  16. Brian Maillard booked Pick n Save commercial
  17. Calico Cooper booked AT&T National commercial
  18. Carin Chea booked Alone Together TV show
  19. Christine Rodriguez booked Guest Star on KC Undercover TV show
  20. Christopher Gehrman booked Tim and Eric's Bedtime Stories
  21. Dan Martin is back on The Bold and the Beautiful TV show
  22. David St. James booked Guest Star on Preacher TV show
  23. Deep Rai booked Chick-Fil-A National commercial
  24. Deep Rai booked Love TV show
  25. Diego Olmedo booked Walgreen's Red Nose Day Sketch
  26. Donna Rusch booked American Crime Story: Versace/Cunanan
  27. Donna Rusch booked Spinning Man feature film
  28. Emily Berry booked Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories TV show
  29. Emma Fassler booked Valley Girl TV show
  30. Herbert Russell booked American Woman TV show
  31. Jacklyn Chung-Young booked Google commercial
  32. Jay Mendoza booked Chevy Global commercial
  33. Jay Mendoza booked Smith and Union commercial
  34. Jeff Alba booked Wendy's commercial
  35. Jeff Heapy booked Google commercial
  36. Jeff Heapy booked Uber commercial
  37. Jonathan Bray booked Dream Corp LLC TV show
  38. Maisie Klompus booked Twitter commercial
  39. Marcy Goldman booked Insecure TV show
  40. Mia Komsky booked 9 Ways to Hell feature film
  41. Nancy Linehan Charles booked General Hospital TV show
  42. Pamela Shaddock booked The Fosters TV show
  43. Patrick Daniel booked Maytag National commercial
  44. Pierce Minor booked Days of our Lives TV show
  45. Rafael Torres booked Eggland's Best commercial
  46. Reinaldo Zavarce booked Digiorno commercial
  47. Robert Catrini booked American Crime Story TV show
  48. Ronnie Alvarez booked Hersey's commercial
  49. Ronnie Alvarez booked The Last Ship TV show
  50. Ru Kumagai booked Delta Dental commercial
  51. Ruby Matenko booked Volkswagen commercial
  52. Ryan Phuong booked DWTS
  53. Samuel Parker booked Audi National commercial
  54. Sandra Purpuro booked AARP commercial
  55. Steve Traska booked Geico commercial
  56. Steve Trzaska booked Chick-Fil-A National commercial
  57. Tom Beyer booked The Good Place TV show
  58. Troy Blendell booked Soda Stream commercial
  59. Veronica Mannion is back on Insecure TV show
  60. Zachary Hoffman booked Blast Stix! commercial