Ent Lab Bookings November 2014

  1. Adam Hunter booked Burger King National commercial
  2. Adam Hunter booked the Grammy Promo
  3. Adwin Brown booked McDonald's National commercial
  4. Adwin Brown booked The Fosters TV show
  5. Athena Diggs booked Mazda national commercial
  6. Ben Curtis booked Dr. Pepper National commercial
  7. Bob Rumnock booked Video Game commercial
  8. Carlos Antonio booked Fresh off the Boat TV show
  9. Chelsea Coleman booked Untitled commercial
  10. Christian Gehring booked Austin & Ally TV show
  11. Cornelius Peter booked PCW National commercial
  12. David Saucedo booked Save Mart commercial
  13. Deep Rai booked Cheez-It National commercial
  14. Devan Long booked Pepsi commercial
  15. Herbert Russell is back on Parks and Recreation TV show as Lon Swanson
  16. Jill L. Johnson booked Fresh off the Boat TV show
  17. John Eddins is back on Bosch TV show as Wash
  18. Jonathan Bray booked How Not to Propose feature
  19. Jose Mendoza booked Corona commercial
  20. Jovan Armand is back on Bella and the Bulldogs as Ricky
  21. Kavita Patil booked Scorpion TV show
  22. Marcus Folmar booked Selfie TV show
  23. Marcus Folmar is back on 100 Things to do Before High School as Mr. Bandt
  24. Matty Cardarople booked Directv National commercial
  25. Michael Strassner is back on Parks and Recreation TV show as Vaugh Swanson
  26. Peter Banifaz booked Guest Star on The Bones TV show
  27. Rafael de la Fuente is back on Empire TV show as Michael Sanchez
  28. Sorin Brouwers booked Black Mirror feature
  29. Steve Trzaska is back on A to Z TV show as Silent Arnold
  30. Surela Basu booked Untitled commercial
  31. Wyatt Logan booked The Goldbergs TV show