Ent Lab Bookings November 2015

  1. Adwin Brown booked The Thinning feature
  2. Al Coronel is back on The Last Ship TV show as Manuel Castillo
  3. Albert Minero Jr. is back on Henry Danger as Larry
  4. Alexander Neher booked Faking It TV show
  5. Andrew T. Lee booked PG & E commercial
  6. Ashley Olds booked I'm Watching You feature
  7. Brayden Skoglund booked OTC commercial
  8. Calico Cooper booked Henry Danger TV show
  9. Calvin Tenner booked Dice TV show
  10. Carol Herman booked Dream Corp TV show
  11. Charlie Nicholls booked A Week in London feature
  12. Charlie Nicholls booked Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life TV show
  13. Christopher Corbin is back on Jane the Virgin as Ivan
  14. Courtney McCullough booked Faraday Future commercial
  15. Damon Standifer booked Drykorn print job
  16. Dan Warner booked a Recurring role on Aquarius TV show
  17. Dan Warner is back on Bella and the Bulldogs TV show as Mr. Davis
  18. Daniel Robbins booked Trial TV show
  19. Dimiter Dimitrov Marinov booked The Odd Couple TV show
  20. Emmy Buckner booked City of Mermaids feature
  21. Frank Gallegos booked Crazy Ex-Girlfriend TV show
  22. Frank Maharajh booked Central Intelligence VO job
  23. Frank Maharajh booked Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life TV show
  24. Frank Maharajh booked Rosewood TV show
  25. Frank Maharajh booked Supergirl TV show
  26. Frank Maharajh booked Superstore TV show
  27. Harry Yi booked Angie Tribeca TV show
  28. Hunter Stiebel booked Fresh off the Boat TV show
  29. J. Francisco Rodriguez booked Hometown Hero feature
  30. Jared Wernick booked a Recurring role on Silicon Valley TV show
  31. Jay Mendoza booked Absolut Vodka print job
  32. John Eddins booked Careerbuilder.com National commercial
  33. Jordan Diggs booked Days of our Lives TV show
  34. Jovan Armand is back on The Middle TV show as Troy
  35. Joyce Greenleaf booked Samsung commercial
  36. Juliet Tondowski booked Tostitos National commercial
  37. Kadan Rockett booked Rush Hour TV show
  38. Karen McClain booked The Middle TV show
  39. Karl Kwiatkowski booked Applebee's commercial 
  40. Kiff Vandenheuvel booked Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life TV show
  41. Marcus Folmar booked Life in Pieces TV show
  42. Margarita Kallas booked Faking It TV show
  43. Mark Bloom booked House of Lies TV show
  44. Matty Cardarople booked New Girl TV show
  45. Nancy Linehan Charles booked a Guest Star on Bosch TV show
  46. Pam Trotter booked Life in Pieces TV show
  47. Peter Banifaz booked Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders TV show
  48. Peter Banifaz booked Silicon Valley TV show
  49. Peyton Elizabeth Lee booked a Lead Series Regular role on new Disney pilot Andiland
  50. Peyton Elizabeth Lee booked Untitled Nicole Byer Project pilot
  51. Peyton Elizabeth Lee is back on Shameless TV show
  52. Pramod Kumar booked Clash of the Clans National commercial
  53. Pramod Kumar booked COM421
  54. Riley Nice booked Capri Sun Organic print job
  55. Sol Rodriguez booked T-Mobile commercial
  56. Steven Shaw booked Rock in a Hard Place pilot
  57. Tonja Kahlens booked Bones TV show
  58. Victor Amayo booked Game Shakers TV show