Ent Lab Bookings October 2013

1. neto pimenta booked a recurring role on "the millers" tv show

2. tyler jaye booked feature "the conduit"

3. brandon morales booked "the mentalist" tv show

4. riley nice booked "at&t" print job

5. emmy buckner booked dove cameron's music video

6. tony robinette booked "wendy's" commercial

7. matt orduna booked "ironside" tv show

8. dunham stewart booked th ford webseries

9. david saucedo booked feature "how to make love... like an englishman"

10. david saucedo booked feature "jackrabbit"

11. david saucedo booked tv show "headlines"

12. riley nice booked feature "sex, death and bowling" starring adrian grenier, selma blair

13. londale theus jr. booked "chelsea lately" tv show

14. calvin tenner booked "gmc-nfl" commercial

15. cheryl lynn bowers booked theater play "parfumerie"

16. bob rumnock booked "young and the restless" tv show

17. mark berry booked a recurring role on "brooklyn nine-nine" tv show

18. julien bensimhon booked feature "alpha house"

19. shuo zhang booked feature "alpha house"

20. matt orduna booked "days of our lives" tv show

21. rafael de la fuente booked a strong supporting role in feature "the song" starring christopher lloyd

22. jocelyn ayanna booked tv show "shameless"

23. londale theus jr. is back on the "chelsea lately" tv show

24. mark berry booked "parks and recreation" tv show

25. christian gehring booked a 3-day costar role on "major crimes" tv show

26. brandon morales booked a recurring role on "back in the game" tv show

27. victor amayo booked loyal kasper job

28. kiff vandenheuvel booked "jimmy kimmel" tv show

29. kristofer gordon booked german reality tv show

30. christine rodriguez booked "the neighbors" tv show

31. albert minero booked wss commercial

32. tamara goodwin booked "flight of fire"

33. adwin brown booked "nissan" commercial

34. kiff vandenheuvel booked "sharon 1.2.3." feature

35. donna rusch booked "check it out with dr steve brule" tv show

36. brandon morales booked "scandal" tv show

37. leon fleisher booked "ban vipes" commercial

38. joyce greenleaf booked "the rebels" pilot