Ent Lab Bookings October 2014

1 Andrew Varenhorst booked Comcast commercial
2 Arti Sukhwani booked Full of Grace feature film
3 Ashley Dulaney booked a Recurring role on Justified
4 Ashley Dulaney booked The Arrangement feature film
5 Ben Cain booked The Odd Couple tv show
6 Brandon Morales booked Anger Management tv show
7 Carlos Antonio booked Anger Management tv show
8 Carlos Antonio booked Klovn 2 feature film
9 Christian Gehring booked Conan tv show
10 Dana Koops booked Skyzone commercial
11 Devan Long booked Northwestern Mutual National commercial
12 Devan Long booked Scorpion tv show
13 Donna Rusch booked Street feature film
14 Duncan Bravo is back on Henry Danger tv show
15 Elaine Loh booked Last Man Standing tv show
16 Ervin Ross booked H&R National commercial
17 Ervin Ross booked Weird Loners tv show
18 G. Maximilian Zarou booked Fresh off the Boat tv show
19 G. Maximilian Zarou booked State of Affairs tv show
20 Gigi Velloso booked Teachers and Parents for Tuck
21 Hari Williams booked McDonald's commercial
22 Herbert Russell booked a Recurring role on Parks and Recreation tv show
23 Herbert Russell booked House of Lies tv show
24 Hunter Stiebel booked Sleepwalker feature film
25 Jacklyn Chung-Young booked Sports Authority print job
26 John Eddins booked Untitled motion picture job
27 John Eddins is back on Bosch tv show
28 Jonathan Bray booked Hollywood Adventures feature film
29 Jose Mendoza booked Intel print job
30 Jovan Armand booked Dad Dudes pilot
31 Jovan Armand booked Girl Flu feature film
32 Jovan Armand booked Parenthood tv show
33 Jovan Armand is back on Bella and the Bulldogs tv show as Ricky
34 Kanya Iwana booked Pretty Little Liars tv show
35 Keisha Kimball booked Cici's Pizza commercial
36 Londale Theus Jr. booked Softbank commercial
37 Marcus Folmar booked 100 Things to Do Before High School tv show
38 Martin Belmana booked JC Penney National commercial
39 Martin Belmana booked McDonald's National commercial
40 Matthew Cardarople is back on Selfie tv show as Charlie
41 Melina Paez booked Airwick commercial
42 Melina Paez booked Tamiflu commercial
43 Melina Paez booked Untitled commercial
44 Michael Strassner booked a Recurring role on Parks and Recreation tv show
45 Nancy Linehan Charles booked O. P. C. theater play
46 Nathan Gallie booked Stock Shots
47 Noah Baron booked Hail, Caesar! feature film starring Scarlett Johansson and George Clooney
48 Noelle Lana booked Full of Grace feature film
49 Peter Buric booked Applebee's commercial
50 Raleigh Adams booked Shellback Rum print job
51 Raleigh Adams booked Wayf commercial
52 Riley Nice booked Adidas commercial
53 Segun Oduolowu booked Northwestern Mutual National commercial
54 Segun Oduolowu booked Where Are You Bobby Browning? feature film
55 Sergio Enrique booked NCIS tv show
56 Sorin Brouwers booked The Brink tv show
57 Steve Trzaska booked Intel National commercial
58 Steve Trzaska is back on A to Z as Silent Arnold
59 Tom Beyer booked Colony tv show
60 Tom Beyer booked CSI: Cyber