Below is the list of Entertainment Lab’s In Development, Optioned and Produced TV and movie projects.


OUT IN THE COLD - poster 2.jpg

OUT IN THE COLD (dark comedy, feature film)

A darkly comic tale of a man who risks everything for his art, set against the backdrop of the country’s most prestigious film festival. It is a story of passion and redemption, about someone who will stop at nothing to surprise and astound his audience: a filmmaker, of course.

Budget: under $1 Million, only three locations 

Attached Talent:

TYLER POSEY (Teen Wolf, Now Apocalypse)

BROOKLYN DECKER (Grace and Frankie)

ANNA CAMP (Pitch Perfect)


Attached Director: Susan Walter (All I Wish) represented by Gersh Talent Agency.

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HELLO MS. CHARLETTE - poster.jpg

HELLO MS. CHARLETTE (one-hour drama)

Logline: HELLO MS. CHARLETTE is a one-hour drama-comedy about an African American defense lawyer in New Orleans, who uses her inherited wealth to defend the “undefendable" against a harsh, corrupt legal system.

Part of her job is to unravel the mysteries behind her clients’ cases, along with her bright, young associates, a private investigator, all presided over by her plucky, quick-witted mother.

She's also a single Mom with 13 or so adopted children. She loses count, because there always seems to be one more new face. But she’s rich, and there's plenty of room in her huge antebellum mansion for everybody, so why not?! And that’s CHARLETTE GOODE in a nutshell… Think "Law and Order” meets "This Is Us” set in New Orleans.

Attached talent

S. Epatha Merkerson (Chicago Med, Chicago PD) 

Shalita Grant (NCIS: New Orleans)

Tobi Bakare (Kingsman, Death in Paradise) 

Jovan Armand (Shazam! - DC Comics studio film premiering this April)

Attached Producer/Director

Charles S. Carroll (Chicago Med, State of Affairs)

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OFF THE GRID - poster.jpg

OFF THE GRID (half-hour, comedy TV pilot)

Written by: Allison Sparks and Cinnamon Sparks

Logline: A dissatisfied Beverly Hills plastic surgeon leaves her “perfect” L.A. life in search of happiness in a 144-square-foot tiny house in the Oregon woods, where she soon finds herself leading an oddball group of off-gridders in a fight to save their home from a greedy land developer. 

Attached talent:

Will Kemp (Reign, Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce, Spinning Out)

Paul Greene (When Calls the Heart)

Vanessa Marcil (General Hospital, The Talk)

Roy Purdy (Social Media Influencer with over 3.5 Million followers)

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WILD BIRD - poster.jpg

WILD BIRD (Young Adult, Feature Film)

Written by: Andrew Tinpo Lee

*Based on the Novel by Wendelin Van Draanen, author of Flipped (adapted and directed for the screen by Rob Reiner).


A teenage girl hits rock bottom and finds her way back to love and family at a wilderness survival camp. It's YA version of Reese Witherspoon's "Wild."


3:47 a.m. That’s when they come for Wren Clemmens. She’s hustled out of her house and into a waiting car, then a plane, and then taken on a forced march into the desert. This is what happens to kids who’ve gone so far off the rails, their parents don’t know what to do with them anymore. This is wilderness therapy camp. Eight weeks of survivalist camping in the desert. Eight weeks to turn your life around. Yeah, right.
The Wren who arrives in the Utah desert is angry and bitter, and blaming everyone but herself. But angry can’t put up a tent. And bitter won’t start a fire. Wren’s going to have to admit she needs help if she’s going to survive.

Attached talent:

FIGHT BACK - poster.jpg

FIGHT BACK (feature film, thriller)

Logline: FIGHT BACK is a thriller like GET OUT that also captures the #MeToo zeitgeist. A black family and a white family overcome their differences, join together, and fight back against thugs who have come to terrorize the lead witnesses in a sexual harassment lawsuit. Blending race-savvy satire and gender-savvy humor with a nonstop thrillride of suspense and terror, this is a bombshell social critique within a thriller. 

Attached talent:

Luke Youngblood (Galavant, Community)

Emma Tremblay (Supergirl)

Kurtis Blow (Rapper)

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Nerd Prom - poster 2.jpg

NERD PROM (YA romantic comedy feature film)

Logline: High-School prom is cancelled because of bad behaviour, now the only group allowed to have an end-of-year event is the debate team. The nerds finally have what the cool kids want but the cool kids won't go down without a fight.

Attached Talent:

Sofia Wylie (Andi Mack)

Attached Director:

Louise Alston (Back of the Net)

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Sensitive Men - poster 2.png

SENSITIVE MEN - Pilot Presentation (half-hour comedy)

Logline: Still reeling from emotionally charged romantic breakups, Bob and Mike are willing to try anything, even spirituality, to get their exes back.

Starring in the show: Whoopi GoldbergRon Arest aka Metta World Peace, French Stewart (Series Regular on CBS show Mom) and Kelly Perine (Series Regular on Nickelodeon show Knight Squad).

- Casting by: Leah Daniels Butler

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BENCHED - poster copy.png

BENCHED (Feature/Legal drama)

By: Craig Bealer

Casting: Paul Weber, C.S.A.

  • Selected as a featured script by The Black List -

  • The Soloist meets Roman J. Israel, Esq. with Good Will Hunting’s inspiring arc.

Logline: A homeless attorney sidelined with bipolar disorder plays judge to street disputes, but when a single mom with nowhere else to turn asks him to help her battle her abusive slumlord, he must confront his demons and step back into a real courtroom.

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THE SHOOTINGS (True-crime Series)

Creator: Boss Media Group

Police corruption, statutory rape, a murder cover-up of a teenage boy about to graduate, and an American family’s feud on the succession of their million dollar farm.

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Hey, Hun! - poster 2.jpg

HEY, HUN! (half-hour, comedy TV show)

Written by: Alison Lynch

When a disgraced political staffer reconnects with her high school frenemy, she decides to beat her at her own game: multi-level marketing cosmetic sales.

Attached actors: Kimmy Shields, Matty Cardarople, Veronica Mannion.

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Rundown Mongoose - poster.jpg

RUNDOWN MONGOOSE (sports comedy, feature film)

Written by Kelly Perine

Darryl “Mongoose” Montgomery, a washed-up, ex-Major League Baseball player is sent by his former team to recruit a young break-out star player from the Dominican Republic. In the process, Mongoose is faced with his old rival and must compete for the young player's approval to secure the recruit. Despite his initial apathy, reluctance and bad luck, Mongoose finds what he needed all along: a woman to set him straight and a renewed passion for the game.

Attached talent:

  • Kelly Perine.

Attached director:

  • Louise Alston.

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LAUGHINGSTOCK (comedy, feature film)

Written by Michael Jann and Michele Jourdan

A late-night writer who ridicules people for a living becomes a laughingstock himself as he pedals after a woman who just jilted him at the altar -- on a bicycle trip that was supposed to be their honeymoon.

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Not Fully Engaged.jpg

NOT FULLY ENGAGED (comedy, feature film)

Written by Michael Jann and Michele Jourdan

When a celebrity therapist and best-selling expert on parenting learns that her fiancé’s bonding time with her son "to get his blessing" has turned into a road trip to Tijuana to get him laid, she kidnaps his teenage daughter and races to stop him.

Attached actors: Matty Cardarople

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PROPHITS - (half-hour comedy TV show)

Written by: Daniel Robbins

Prophits is a half-hour comedy about L.A. based preachers competing against one-another and navigating an International Christian Television Network while their greed and thirst for power lead to disastrous results.

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Citronella - poster.jpg

CITRONELLA (animated, comedy, feature film)

Written by Michael Jann and Michele Jourdan

Citronella is a story about a Mosquito who faints at the sight of blood.

“Only female Mosquitoes bite -- and we do it for love” explains Citronella, as she zooms toward a suburban backyard wedding, determined to be the first of her female squadron to get that solitary drop of blood needed to attract a male mosquito.  (“Think of it as a red dress!” she explains.)  But, when Citronella plants her beak in a phone-distracted bridesmaid, sees blood -- and faints, she’s nearly slapped dead (which she says would be preferable to “a life without love”).  Desperate, she hatches a plan B: she outsmarts a spider to score a pair of Butterfly wings dangling in his web, and she dons them to catch the eye of a handsome male Butterfly, Emilio “The Big Dealio”, who recently lost his Butterfly wife.  Citronella’s masquerade works; Butterflies live like pampered super-models, and Emilio invites her to Cabo for migration. But, when she’s suddenly captured in a butterfly net -- and discovers Emilio’s missing wife is still alive, Citronella will have to choose between a life of lies, and Steven -- the infuriatingly-loyal male Mosquito who loves her in spite of her fainting.

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Nero Must Die!.jpg

NERO MUST DIE! - (half-hour, comedy TV show)

Written by: Luke Mills

Drawing from real historical events and figures, NERO MUST DIE! is an absurdist half-hour comedy that focuses on the collapsing regime of the titular Roman emperor and the numerous farcical cabals plotting his death. 

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Time Enforcement Agency.jpg

TEA - (half-hour, comedy TV show)

Written by: Adam Levy

Time Enforcement Agency is Brooklyn Nine-Nine meets Timecop. The show is about a group of quirky, beat agents in a futuristic world who fight petty time travel crimes and what happens when an underachieving but gifted agent from a wealthy family is partnered up and falls in love with a by-the-book rookie agent from a poor family.

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Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 2.13.38 PM copy.png

THE DONOR - TV Pilot Presentation (half-hour comedy)

Written by: Rene Ashton

When a lone-wolf billionaire gets some dire medical news, he seeks out the only family he never knew — the offspring from donations he made to a fertility clinic over 30 years ago. 

Watch it here:

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Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 2.22.21 PM.png

inAppropriate - TV Pilot Presentation (half-hour comedy)

Written by: Cary Bickley

inAppropriate is an irreverent half-hour comedy about a unique work relationship between a millennial and a boomer that touches on everything: unemployment, sexual politics, aging, love, sex, divorce, starting out, starting over and second chances.

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Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 1.27.55 PM copy.png

BROMANCE - TV Pilot Presentation (half-hour comedy)

Written by: Antonio Leon

They say, “you should marry your best friend”, but what happens if you really do?

Lifetime friends and roommates, Frank and Sean, find themselves in quite a dilemma after a drunken weekend in Vegas ends with them accidentally getting married. 

What they thought to be a huge mistake turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Frank ends up getting a big account at work, thanks to his boss’s newly found appreciation of his sexuality, and Sean's lackluster acting career is now on an upswing thanks to his bravery for coming out. 

They decide to maintain their marital status for both of their benefits and see just how far it can take them. 

What can possibly go wrong?...

Watch the teaser HERE

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New Family Order.jpg

NEW FAMILY ORDER - (half-hour, comedy TV show)

Written by: Troy Caylak

New Family Order is Modern Family meets Silicon Valley - a hilarious story about clashing cultures and dysfunctional family dynamics. Three generations of the Nichols family are forced to deal with their matriarch, Delia’s, new Indian American husband, Raj Reddy, and his family.

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La Belle Rafaela.jpg

LA BELLE RAFAELA - Feature Film (drama)

Written by: Vittoria Colonna

A forbidden love story set in glittering Paris during the roaring twenties. An exiled Jewish Pole chases her artistic dreams to become a famous artist but is torn between desires for love and financial security.

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black and blue.jpg

BLACK AND BLUE - Feature Film (drama/thriller)

Written by: Clinton Wray Miller

An African-American boy with a toy gun gets grazed in the neck when a white cop overreacts. The cop and the kid end up forming an unlikely bond when they’ve got nobody left to turn to except each other.

Attached actors: Camille Rowe

Attached director: Nony Geffen

Represented by: CAA

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Screen Shot 2018-07-20 at 7.01.08 PM.png

THIRTEEN SECRETS - TV Show (drama/thriller)

Written by: Clinton Wray Miller

The shocking true story of the first man in history to infiltrate the CIA - by attending swingers parties in the suburbs of 1960s New York. Two decades later in prison, the Soviet spy trades thirteen State secrets to his Hell’s Angel bunk mate, in exchange for protection.

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Reptile Parties.jpg

REPTILE PARTIES - TV Show (comedy)

Written by: Joe Sinclitico

A man who doesn't know anything about reptiles runs a failing reptile exhibition business out of a van.

The main character is Joe, who is a self-taught reptile “expert” living just below the poverty line, and operating an illegal reptile exhibition business out of a beat-up van. Joe doesn’t know how to run a business, nor does he know much about reptiles. No one has ever gotten further in life with a counterfeit Liberal Arts Degree from a community college that doesn't exist. No career prospects? No future? No problem! Joe's van is filled with snakes, lizards, and reptiles, and he's looking to crash your next event. If you can pay, he can be there.

The stories of the show interweave between Joe’s business, his personal life, and general struggle for self-worth and identity.

Attached actors: Veronica Mannion, Matty Cardarople.

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The Snow Fight 2.jpg

THE SNOW FIGHT - Feature Film (children's movie) 

Written by: Matt Katzenberger

When Lily’s best friend Jack takes tyrannical control of the neighborhood over winter break via an army of snowball warriors, she’s left with no choice but to form her own army in order to take it back. The result: The greatest snowball war of all time.

Attached actors: Matty Cardarople

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