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Bromance - TV Pilot 

They say, “you should marry your best friend”, but what happens if you really do?

Lifetime friends and roommates, Frank and Sean, find themselves in quite a dilemma after a drunken weekend in Vegas ends with them accidentally getting married. 

What they thought to be a huge mistake turns out to be a blessing in disguise. Frank ends up getting a big account at work, thanks to his boss’s newly found appreciation of his sexuality, and Sean's lackluster acting career is now on an upswing thanks to his bravery for coming out. 

They decide to maintain their marital status for both of their benefits and see just how far it can take them. 

What can possibly go wrong?...

New Family Order - TV pilot

New Family Order is Modern Family meets Silicon Valley - a hilarious story about clashing cultures and dysfunctional family dynamics. Three generations of the Nichols family are forced to deal with their matriarch, Delia’s, new Indian American husband, Raj Reddy, and his family.

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La Belle Rafaela - feature film

A forbidden love story set in glittering Paris during the roaring twenties. An exiled Jewish Pole chases her artistic dreams to become a famous artist but is torn between desires for love and financial security.

The Snow Fight - feature film

When Lily’s best friend Jack takes tyrannical control of the neighborhood over winter break via an army of snowball warriors, she’s left with no choice but to form her own army in order to take it back. The result: The greatest snowball war of all time.



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