Ent Lab Bookings September 2015

  1. Adwin Brown booked Internet Famous feature
  2. Al Coronel booked Jane the Virgin TV show
  3. Amy Tsang booked Intel National commercial
  4. Andrew T. Lee booked Adam Ruins Everything TV show
  5. Andy Kim booked Secrets & Lies TV show
  6. April Marshall-Miller booked a Guest Star on Liv & Maddie TV show
  7. Ashley Dulaney booked Workaholics TV show
  8. Bamm Ericsen booked Audi National commercial
  9. Ben Seaward booked Kevin Hart: What Now? short
  10. Bob Rumnock booked The League TV show
  11. Carlos Antonio booked Baskets TV show
  12. Carol Herman booked Bella and the Bulldogs TV show
  13. Catfish Jean booked Chobani National commercial
  14. Charlie Nicholls booked Specialized commercial
  15. Christopher Corbin booked The Arrangement TV show
  16. Dana Koops booked Stonehenge commercial
  17. David Saucedo booked Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life TV show
  18. Devan Long booked Kevin Hart: What Now? short
  19. Dieterich Gray booked American Horror Story: Hotel TV show
  20. Ervin Ross booked Truth Be Told TV show
  21. Folake Olowofoyeku booked a lead role in Female Fight Club feature
  22. Glenn Keogh booked Guest Star on Once Upon a Time TV show
  23. Harrison White booked Bunk'd TV show
  24. Herbert Russell booked Hulu National commercial
  25. Jae Jung booked How to Get Away with Murder TV show
  26. Jay Mendoza booked Cox Cable commercial
  27. Jill L. Johnson booked American Horror Story: Hotel TV show
  28. Jill L. Johnson booked Hulu commercial
  29. Jill Remez booked Colony TV show
  30. Jill Remez booked KC Undercover TV show
  31. Jill Remez booked Modern Family TV show
  32. Jill Remez booked Snowfall TV show
  33. John Eddins is back on Bosch TV show as Wash
  34. Kiff Scholl booked Applebee's commercial
  35. Leslie Miller booked Shameless TV show
  36. Lynn Ann Leveridge booked Buster's Mal Heart feature
  37. Marcus Folmar booked KC Undercover TV show
  38. Matthew Kimbrough booked Crazy Ex Girlfriend TV show
  39. Molly Pan booked Crazy Ex Girlfriend TV show
  40. Molly Pan booked Days of our Lives TV show
  41. Oceane Bucaille booked Razor Scooter commercial
  42. Peter Banifaz booked Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders TV show
  43. Peyton Lee booked a Recurring role on Shameless TV show
  44. Pramod Kumar is back on Jimmy Kimmel TV show
  45. Ray Parikh booked Veritas commercial
  46. Rebecca Berman booked Life in Pieces TV show
  47. Ric Sarabia booked Jack in the Box commercial
  48. Riley Nice booked Ford National commercial
  49. Romel de Silva booked Baskets TV show
  50. Ruben Vernier booked AT&T National commercial
  51. Ryan Phuong booked a Recurring role on Shameless TV show
  52. Sandra Purpuro booked Wicked City TV show
  53. Segun Oduolowu booked GENWORTH hosting job
  54. Sol Rodriguez booked a Recurring role on Urban Cowboy pilot
  55. Spenser McNeil is back on Modern Family TV show as Reuben
  56. Steven Shaw is back on Heartbreaker TV show as Mr. Cecil
  57. Stewart Skelton booked The Grinder TV show
  58. Surela Basu booked Subaru commercial
  59. Tom Beyer booked Vodafone commercial
  60. Treisa Gary booked Comcast commercial
  61. Zylan Brooks booked Life in Pieces TV show