Allison and Cinnamon are identical twin sisters who hold writing degrees from Fairfield University, with post-grad coursework at USC and UT at Austin. [Allison was a high-school writing teacher and Cinnamon an international teacher in Europe, before leaving the classroom to write full time.] Allison is a graduate of The Groundlings Writing Lab and Cinnamon of UCB. Separately, their writing has earned significant praise and attention -- Cinnamon was a Chesterfield semi-finalist, Allison's writing garnered personal praise from DOWNTON ABBEY writer/director, Ben Bolt. Then, in December 2018, the twins collaborated for the first time for Comedy Central stage, with their show, TWINSGIVING, which they'll reprise this month for UCB's stage as #TWINNING. 

They're now full-time writing partners, with OFF THE GRID marking their first TV-pilot collaboration.