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Michael Jann is an Emmy-nominated late-night comedy writer for The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, in fact, he was the only Leno writer hired by Fallon. Out of 100,000 jokes written by Michael for both late-night shows, 10,000 were told on screen.

Michael has written for National LampoonNick At Nite, and Cosmopolitan Magazine in which he actually offered dating advice to women. Seriously. 

Originally from Fairfield Connecticut, Michael has now visited several states, including inebriation, confusion and panic. Michael’s screenwriting partner and newly-wed wife, Michele Jourdan, is the funny one; Mike’s the pretty one.

Michele Jourdan is from Austin Texas, and has now co-written four comedy feature screenplays. Her credits are like an oil well that hasn’t been discovered just yet -- but will any day now. Michele’s life is actually a romantic comedy; Mike’s job is to listen, write stuff down, and get credit for it. 

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LAUGHINGSTOCK  (comedy, feature film)
A late-night writer who ridicules people for a living becomes a laughingstock himself as he pedals after a woman who just jilted him at the altar -- on a bicycle trip that was supposed to be their honeymoon.
NOT FULLY ENGAGED (comedy, feature film)
A popular talk-radio therapist agrees to marry her high-powered businessman boyfriend — if he gets the blessing of her 21-year-old, live-at-home, sign-twirler son. She does not expect this fun "male-bonding opportunity" to involve a Tijuana brothel.